Women’s Equality. Or, Maybe Not?

Women’s Equality. Or, Maybe Not?


I’M SITTING HERE in the La-Z-Boy, doing nothing at all, when it hits me: ask a Liberal Woman why she hates Trump and she says, “Because of how he treats women.”

But, instead of me saying back, “How does Trump treat women?” I would say to her, “So, what?”

So what if he treats women that way? So WHAT? I mean—no woman ever treated a man like Trump “treats women?” Women are—what—delicate shrinking violets, who can’t handle the same abuse they sling out?

Ever been in an argument, or a fight, or a divorce with one?.


I mean—no man ever before said, “grab her by the pussy,” or whatever the hell Trump supposedly said? Oh—and she mostly doesn’t like having it “grabbed?” Hah!

And, no man ever wanted to have sex with a porn star before, in all of history, and then just be done with it? Have enough money and power to just pay the tab and walk on in glory?

I say, again: “Hah!” And to women, I say—babe, I am too old to care how this idea might turn out—but, hey, out there, you women! I thought you wanted to be equal? I thought you can “take care of” yourself? I thought any woman is as bright, smart, and tough as any man—if not more?

No? Yes? Which is it?

Some of you—you say you want to be Navy SEALS, Army Green Berets, Marine Recon, Army Rangers, carry the same rucksack, and kill people? You say you want to play male sports against males. You want to be politicians, judges, police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, boxers, weight-lifters, and all the rest?

So, which is it?

I mean—you’re as rough and tough as any man, right? Or, is that just when you want to be? Is this “equality” stuff a one-arm bandit you cynically just play? Where your proposed delicacy and victimhood equal any amount of Nature’s own, 100% natural, raw, male testosterone? Are you setting up the board in some slanted, unequal, tricked-out way, to unnaturally compensate for  your own, true self and nature?

Or are you playing this game straight.

Which are you really? Who are you? And why do you vote straight Democrat—Obama, Hillary, Ocasio-Cortez—Ohmy!

And do you know what? I say, to you, this: “So, what?”

Because I—for one—no longer care about your supposed “needs,” or “wants,” or the “unfairness of Trump.” Unless, you tell me the truth.

Unless, you act in the truth; your truth. Unless you really are truthfully equal—in your heart and spirit. In your Self. That’s all I ask of you.

So…does Trump call this shot right about You? Does somebody like a Hillary Clinton speak for You? Are you just a plaything?

Are you a professional victim? Or are you your own, independant, and real person?

Which is it?

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