World Congress of Families Conference a Rainbow Coalition in Defense of the Family

wrldcngrsoffmlsThe annual World Congress of Families conference was held last week for the first time ever in the United States, in Salt Lake City. Packed with over 3,000 people from over 50 countries, many faiths and races came together around one conviction: the importance of the traditional family in society. Young parents walked around the conference with babies in tow, and speakers and attendees from as far away as Africa mingled with Mormons and millennial evangelicals from America.

Those of us with few children (I have four stepdaughters) almost felt a little out of place when many of the speakers indicated they had eight, ten or twelve children. Some of these drew laughs when they said they felt a little guilty being at the conference championing the family when they had so many children at home to take care of.

Speakers included former member of Congress and current Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, Live Action’s Lila Rose, Utah Governor Gary Herbert, Mormon apostle Elder Russell Ballard and Ted Cruz’s father Rafael Cruz.

Dr. King addressed the devastating effects of abortion, saying, “A woman has a right to do what she wants with her body. But the baby’s not her body! Where’s the baby’s lawyer?”

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