Worse Than We Expected?

The headline at WND proclaimed: Mitt Romney: Obama worse than I expected. The article is a stub, which links to the full piece at The Washington Times.   The fact that Romney did not expect this bad an outcome speaks volumes about how many people viewed the election of the first openly anti-American person to the highest office in the land. It seems that of the major voices on the scene in 2008, only Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh were willing to trumpet the issue at high volume, and only Limbaugh was willing to go in front of the public with the statement “I hope he fails.” Even John McCain was unwilling to call him out during the 2008 campaign as a dangerous person who could ruin the nation if allowed to ignore the constitutional controls that were supposed to prevent despotism. After all, he had an ultimate response to such things; they were racist, enacted over 200 years ago to prevent him from doing his will to the nation.

When the American system was created it was asserted that such as system required a population that was educated and aware; a population that understood its position relative to government and the people in it. As long as the vast majority of people understand that position then the probability of the wrong political choices occurring remains low. In the modern day, when people seem intent on divorcing themselves from education and awareness; when they prefer “reality shows” to the reality of life then we have a real problem. And that problem exists today because so much of our society remains stuck in adolescence; refusing to take responsibility and demanding that others remove it so that they can live lives without consequence.

What happened in 2008 was a travesty, which occurred because of willfully uninformed electorate chose to believe that it was impossible for an anti-American to be elected to major public office. They honestly believed that the Press would not approve of a candidate who didn’t have the nation’s best interest in mind. Even, as above, Mitt Romney found it difficult to believe. But Romney, a man who has spent a significant amount of his life in the political arena, and who has spent much of the rest near the top of the financial world should know better. It should not be the common man and woman who knows better simply because they refuse to believe that claptrap that is disseminated daily, and use their own common sense instead. The people at or near the top should also be able to see the handwriting on the wall. We common folk are not all prophets named Daniel, nor should be need to be.

Just the other day I was re-watching some episodes from the third season of the 2004 television series Battlestar Galactica. In one episode the president of the colonial alliance is confronted during a labor dispute with the fact that the people are being divided into a political class and a worker underclass. The president realizes that this is not acceptable and that the pending classism must be prevented from taking hold. But in America today we have government and press who see classism as preferable, in all probability because they see themselves as the ones in the upper class, turning everyone else into a modern equivalent of medieval serfs.

The question that this scenario presents is one of why people would willingly give up their freedom for false promises. The answer is that they do not understand that the promises are false. They, as adolescent personalities, believe what they want to believe because it is easier to do so. And worst of all is the fact that people of all ages do this, whether young and inexperienced, or older and supposedly wiser. The fact that they have their eyes shut to the truth is what allows this to happen. They will not face inconvenient truths, such as Al Gore’s manipulation of pseudo-science into a scheme for making him vast sums of money. They are all to willing to accuse the petroleum industry of falsifying information, but when it comes to their personal favorites they won’t even consider the possibility. It is the false logic of a child.

This same logic was applied in the Duke University lacrosse team case, in the shooting of Trayvon Martin and is now being applied in the shooting of Michael Brown. It was eventually proven that the lacrosse team was totally innocent of any wrongdoing, and that they were being railroaded. Martin was portrayed as a model citizen until the truth came out. His killer, George Zimmerman was eventually acquitted of homicide charges as a result. The same sort of eventuality appears to be on the horizon for the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri. Rushing to judgment is another aspect of adolescent behavior.

In short, the situation we now face is a result of failure to recognize the truth and act upon it in an adult fashion. This behavior prevented all together too many people from recognizing the danger that confronted them because they didn’t want to acknowledge that danger existed. In an alternative view, they were simply too wrapped up in their own personal interests to realize that a danger to those interests was right in front of them. So, they went on their merry way, and made the situation worse, thereby.

Mitt Romney’s ignorance or failure to recognize the truth is unforgivable, given his personal background. In the general public, we can chalk at least part of it up to a failed education system that ignores real fact in favor of ideology, and parents who do not fill in the gaps. Solving this problem is going to be more difficult than creating it; especially if we will have to deal with more Mitt Romneys out there.

It should be noted, that Mitt Romney has, purportedly, tapped Paul Ryan as his designee to run for the Presidency in 2016. Based on Romney’s inability to see the truth in 2012, we should be very leery of accepting his choice here. Besides, aren’t the candidates supposed to be chosen by election, rather than appointment? Maybe that is why Romney was so blind; he thought that the handpicked candidates must be good guys, or they would not be handed the job. In any event, Ryan’s position on border security has already branded him a loser. Let’s hope that the public pays even less attention to Romney now than it did in 2012.

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