Would You Still Support Donald Trump if You Knew He’d Said These Things?

Trump mocking disabled journalist - YouTubeWhen Donald Trump entered the Republican presidential race, many feared his penchant for off-the-wall statements would sink his chances. So far, they have had little effect, since he is the frontrunner in the race to win the GOP nomination. But if he wins the nomination, we should count on wall-to-wall media coverage of his many verbal gaffes and insults.

Here are some of the most damaging statements he’s made, many of them from during the primaries. Warning: Several are highly offensive, although the profanity has been edited.

Disrespecting Our Soldiers Captured in War

John McCain is “not a war hero … He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured, OK?” (Ames, Iowa, July 18, 2015)

Mocking the Handicapped

During a rally in South Carolina, Trump made fun of a journalist who suffers from arthrogryposis, which locks joints. Serge Kovaleski has a congenital joint condition that affects the movement in his arms. Trump twisted his right arm into a crooked pose, contorted his face, and said, “Now the poor guy, you gotta see this guy, ‘Uh, I don’t know what I said. I don’t remember.’ He’s going, “I don’t remember. Maybe that’s what I said.’”

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