Yes, Hillary, it DOES make a difference

E mails are wonderful things. People send them to announce joyful things like the birth of a baby to relatives far away, or sad things like the death of a loved one. In business, product sales and collaboration on projects are made easier by e mails, and whole business processes can be accomplished without ever meeting in person. E mails make it easier and quicker that ever to get things done.
And then this is the government. In government, e mails can be used to coerce, to intimidate, to hide all the machinati0ons that this administration does not want the citizens to know. Government record keeping is, on purpose, spotty and incomplete. From Fast and furious, to the IRS, and now to Hillary Clinton, lost or deleted e mails are the focus of damage done to this country by a socialist administration. It is so easy for them to say there is nothing to show when all it takes is the pressing of the delete button.
As far back as 2012, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chairman Rep. Daniel Issa was asking questions about Hillary used private e mail for government work. Issa wanted to know about the departments policies of using private e mails for government work, what the active private e mails were, and if there were hidden accounts under other names. There were other questions as well, such as are the private accounts listed on federal records and if there is any disciplinary actions taken against those in government who illegally use private e mails. Copies of this letter was also sent to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Interior Secretary Kan Salazar Attorney General Eric Holder, and others in the administration. The only response received was from Thomas R. Gibbons the acting assistant secretary for legislative affairs.
In October of 2012 Clinton called for a review of Benghazi, convened the Accountability Review Board which requested all documents pertaining to Benghazi. This was at the same time when the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Raymond Maxwell, confirmed that there was a Benghazi document “sorting session”. It was revealed that Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan were present at the “sorting session” at the State Department
After Clinton resigned from the State Department seven weeks after Issas’ letter was sent to the State Department, it was several more weeks, until Feb 1, 2013 that a response was sent to Issa. The response was sent from the office of Thomas B. Gibbons and consisted of an overview of State Department policy on e mails and did not answer any of the questions that Issa requested.
Two points could be clearly inferred from the Gibbons response. One, that it was a clear violation of State Department policy to use personal email for official business. And two, that training was available for the proper use records and e mails.
The questions that Issa asked on that letter are at the heart of the Benghazi e mail scandal of which Hillary was an integral part. When the State Department was asked about why Issas questions were not answered, the response from State Department Spokesman Alec Gerlach was “ We respond to thousands of congressional inquiries and requests each year.” A perfect non-answer.
Even the New York Times was taken aback when FOIA requests to the State Department concerning the terror attack in Benghazi came back empty. The same can be said of the correspondence between Hillary and Sid Blumenthal, someone that even Obama would not allow in the administration but was a conduit for Hillary to Libya.
A response from James Carville, a Hillary sycophant is that the Republicans are mean, and that they were using the e mail scandal as political ammunition. It appears that Carville isn’t concerned about National Security or what information had been hacked from the server or by whom.
When Hillary became aware that the private e mail server would become a problem, close to 30,000 e mails were deleted by someone as yet unknown. These e mails were claimed to have been private emails and had no relation to official government business. No one but Hillary and her staff made that determination, and it appears there was no outside oversight by either the State Department or any other government agency. There are two takeaways that must be considered at this point.
1. It is abundantly clear that these e mails were deleted AFTER Issas request for information.
2. Hillary Clinton assumed the SHE was the sole arbiter of what should be made public and what was personal.
There was also a questions of Hillarys aides using personal e mails to correspond with her about Benghazi. Hillarys response were that all the messages were sent to other government employees who were using the government addresses they should use according to government policies, and they could be found there. This would give her the opportunity of saying she did not need to keep them, documents she had already claimed to have turned over.
Clinton, after the Susan Rice Sunday shows continued to blame the violence of Benghazi on the video. This is what she told the families, Jake Sullivan tried to tell Hillary that she was in the clear, that Susan Rice would be confronted but that Hillary was in the clear because she never characterized the motivations of those in the attacking party.
It has been found that there are very large gaps in the Benghazi emails that have been turned over to the House Select Committee and that none of them discuss military security at Benghazi, a subject that was discussed extensively before the attack. A military contingent stationed there could have blunted the attack and saved the four men who died there. There were repeated requests for military security to be placed in Benghazi and all were ignoed by the State Department. In fact the State Department actually reduced the security at the consulate. It was further shown that the Benghazi consulate was purposely set up without the “mandatory Standards” of a consulate.
It is time for Hillary to answer the questions that remain. Some questions are:
Why was Sid Blumenthal, someone even the Obama Administration didn’t want anything to do with, working in concert with the State Department under Hillary?
Why the person in charge of the State Department was allowed to use a private server against all regulations?
Why were the requests for more security in Benghazi turned down.
There are many more questions that we have received answers around the edges but no definitive answer. We need to push for the answers because with Hillary attempting a run at the Presdient, at this point, it DOES make a difference.

John Velisek

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