Yorktown: Did they Fight for Freedom or for Nothing

Presidents like Washington and Lincoln were never greedy enough to want to become king, like Obama and Clinton. A review of Newt Gingrich’s latest book, Victory at Yorktown.

Victory at Yorktown is another great book written by Gingrich and Forstchen.  Keep in mind this book is considered a novel, but is based on facts that shaped American History.


I will take the liberty to rely on some of the facts to make a point. But we must begin to ask ourselves with a communist liberal president that lives by executive orders can we appreciate that all the fighting that took place for liberty and the Constitution may have been  for naught.


This part of the Revolutionary War starts with the execution of Major Andre who was the go between for Benedict Arnold and  the British. And the British were not willing to trade Arnold’s neck for Andre’s neck, so he died a soldier’s death so to speak at the end of a rope. The problem was that he was caught behind enemy lines without a uniform. Since he was deemed a spy, an example had to be made. I am sure that General Washington would have preferred to stretch Arnold’s neck. Arnold was someone Washington believed would someday replace him as the head of the troops in America.  Arnold the trader had planned to capture our general in his act of treason.


General Washington was the greatest man ever. He suffered through several winters with his troops. And no matter how much fun we make of the French in WWII, it was the French that saved our butts in the Revolutionary War. The French supplied the thirteen colonies with troops, money, weapons, uniforms and naval support.  And President Washington was eternally grateful for their generosity. And the debt was paid many times over in future wars.


If the British were more cordial in their actions, the United States would have never been born. If they just waited things out and not tried to kill and rape future Americans, there would never have been the support needed  to beat the British, especially without the help of the French.


In Yorktown it was just a beautiful set up. Cornwallis who ended up being a jerk and a coward, was surrounded by a well thought-out strategy. Cornwallis had no chance of winning without the support of his navy, which wasn’t about to take on the French Navy. Maybe they didn’t like Cornwallis either.


There are 2 interesting quotes in the book.  “When freedom is pitted against tyranny Washington prayed, that henceforth and forever, those fighting for freedom, for the rights of man, would, if need be, hold to the last man, and if fated to fall, before doing so, they would train their sons and daughters to remember them and to continue the fight.”.


This is an interesting quote. Basically what the president was saying that if the war was lost, that the children would follow in their footsteps some time later and pick up the fight for liberty. In a sense that was true. The War of 1812 put an end to the British tyranny forever.


Well at least until now. Obama is not much different than a tyrant. And at some point in time the sons and daughters will pick up the challenge and change the color and texture of the Senate so that all the Obama tyrannical executive orders can be put back in the bottle. And again liberty will be available to all men and women as well as prosperity.


The second quote looks like this: ” As you can see, I have gone old and near blind in service to my country. I did not fight George the Third to become George the First.”


At this time in American history, people were confused. NYC had been occupied by the British and NYC actually prospered while occupied. And there were many loyalists throughout the land. That means they remained loyal to the British crown. And like today congress was pretty useless and powerless. Seeing George Washington as a great leader and one who could get things done, the folks in power wanted to make George the ruler.


And since George Washington had the greatest army in the lands who  fought behind this great leader for many years, the army could have made George Washington the king. 


I believe  there are many liberals like the Clintons or Obama. Even Jimmy Carter would jump at the chance to be the king. What is the difference between President Washington and the other clowns. First off, President Washington paid a dear price. And he truly believed in freedom and democracy. Not like President Jefferson who may have drafted the Constitution at least in part, George Washington believed in Freedom and Democracy. And in all fairness, President Washington lived under a tyranny. And understood the values of Freedom and Democracy.


But the liberal presidents have a different philosophy. They think and swear by the fact that they know better than anyone else in the country. In other words the citizens and non-citizens of this country are so dumb, only Barack Obama has the answer. Capitalism is no good. Health care is no good. People with guns are no good!


And by overspending Obama weakens the country. The one industry firearms  has flourished under Obama. So why not destroy that as well.


Obama has done nothing to help the economy. He has done nothing to protect the children in our schools. Just the other day a 6 year old was abducted right out of a classroom in Philadelphia.  One of the liberal Meccas of the world. No gun was necessary. Maybe we should stop spending money on education and start spending money on security for our children while they are allegedly being educated.


Even though the Revolutionary War is long over, there is still another war being fought. So as General Washington predicted, you must teach your children to carry on the fight against tyranny that was fought so long ago.  


 “They would train their sons and daughters to remember them and to continue the fight.”. The fight starts today. Let’s vote all the liberal tyrannists out of our Senate and our House. The fight starts today. Are you the children who are ready to fight for freedom!

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