YouTube Restricts Video of Man Assaulting Irish Pro-lifer as He Posts a #SaveThe8th Sign

YouTube is developing a reputation for censoring or restricting conservative videos. Videos exposing assaults on conservatives, for instance, may be censored for “violence.”

On May 25, voters in Ireland will decide whether to legalize abortion. Those who want the law to protect the unborn formed an opposition campaign called “Save the 8th,” referring to the Eighth Amendment which bans abortion. They are facing censorship by the big tech companies. Google has banned all ads related to the referendum. Facebook banned groups outside of Ireland from running referendum ads.

Then, on May 3, a campaigner with Save the 8th was assaulted by an opponent. The entire confrontation was caught on video. The campaigner tries to use a ladder to put a sign on a pole. The opponent starts swearing at him profusely. He tells him he will not let him mount the sign. Finally, the opponent shoves the ladder, knocking the campaigner down flat on his back.

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