So now its “omicron”…..

Are you going to accept the “Permanent Pandemic,” like the average compliant American sheep is accepting it?  Or are you going to stand up and fight and do whatever you can to oppose this endless BS—this perpetual communistic/fascistic assault on our liberties and freedoms?

I knew this was going to happen. Back when all this hysteria was first ramping up in early 2020, I predicted on this IC website that the authoritarians would keep finding excuses, like new virus variants, to prolong their power-mad restrictions, mandates, and other controls over the population on a permanent basis. They will never give up the intoxicating fear-based power that they have discovered. They’re addicted to it like a drug. That essay was lost from the IC site in one of the recurring Leftist attacks that IC has endured. But fortunately, I had made a pdf of the web page, which I posted on my own website at:

So let me say it again: This pandemic BS is never going to end. The evil US government and most of the equally evil state governments—like the Dem despots in my state of Illinois—will never allow the pandemic to stop. It is the fuel they need to pump up and preserve their new authoritarian powers and to continue to stomp out our freedoms. And they know they can depend on the vast majority of Americans—profoundly scientifically ignorant and living in fear of their own shadows, as they are—to simply comply.

Not me. I will never comply. And I will accept the consequences that come with being a political dissident in modern Marxist America. As a result of Biden’s damn mandate, I was fired from my fully remote work-at-home job because I refused to get vaccinated. And I get thrown out of stores because I refuse to wear a mask. I do not give up my natural freedoms as an air-breathing human being or surrender my natural sovereignty over my own body—just because a bunch of fascist elitists tell me I have to. Let them persecute me—take away my job, censor my free speech—but I will never give into the lies of those bastards.

Yeah, they censor my free speech. I did a radio interview in which I, with my education and experience in biology, expressed my science-based views about masks and vaccines, and the radio host posted the interview on YouTube. Those Big Tech fascists deleted it a few days later because it “violated our medical misinformation policy” and “contradicts local health authorities or the World Health Organization medical information about COVID-19.”

So first came the firing from my job, then the censoring of my free speech … next for me will come the gulag, I assume. Yes, this is the “United State of America” today—a corrupt, unconstitutional, communistic, crony capitalist country that I can no longer recognize as my country.

I have to keep doing whatever I can to fight back, using whatever abilities and talents that I have. I recently posted a music video on YouTube titled “Permanent Pandemic Everywhere.” You can currently see it at:  At least you could see it at the time I wrote this essay on December 2, 2021. Of course, the censors might delete it at any time. In the video, I sing my own protest lyrics to the hard-driving pounding rhythm of Waylon Jennings’ “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way,” which was itself a type of protest song against the Nashville music establishment of the 1970s. Waylon was a rebel. I like rebels. Here are my lyrics:

Lord, it’s the same old tune
Power and control
Where do we take it from here?
Mask mandates over there, vaccine mandates over here
And COVID, COVID, COVID everywhere
It’s a Permanent Pandemic everywhere

Somebody told me 
I had to give up my freedoms
To tyrants that they say know best
But I don’t believe their lies, and I see with my own eyes
It’s a planned pandemic everywhere
It’s a Permanent Pandemic everywhere

Lord, I’ve seen the world
Going straight to Hell
With government power and corporate greed
I’ll tell you one more time so that you understand
It’s a planned pandemic everywhere
It’s a Permanent Pandemic everywhere

For comparison, check out Waylon’s great original:

Yeah, I am going to keep fighting against this purposeful planned Permanent Pandemic, and I am going to continue to resist the government and corporate authoritarian dictates and mandates—regardless of the negative consequences to me. Why? Because I am a naturally free man. That’s why. And I am a man who knows how to think for himself—an extremely rare trait these days. And I am not a sheep. I don’t buy BS from anybody. And I do not obey irrational illogical rules that I don’t agree with. 

I believe that the most important thing a person can do to fight back against the Permanent Pandemic is simply to not obey, to not comply, and to not believe the lies. If a large enough number of Americans would simply say “Hell, no,” then the government and its corporate coconspirators would not be able to get away with this pseudoscientific scam, this massive power grab, and this profit-building crime against human freedom and natural rights.

So I will continue to disobey. I will also keep speaking out—speaking the truth as I see it, including through my writings and my music. Those are my best abilities. I don’t know if my efforts could have any meaningful effects, but they are what I do, so I will keep doing them.

What are you doing? Maybe you believe in boycotting companies, gathering for public demonstrations, or voting for certain candidates. Those are all positive things, I suppose. However, the big corporations and the government have the propaganda and most of the brainwashed public on their side, so I doubt if such efforts could achieve meaningful results. And I believe that voting is a waste of time in most cases, because either the Leftists will steal the election or your elected “conservative” candidate will turn out to be a big disappointment. 

I prefer to work toward and hope for secession and the formation of a new separate America for real freedom-loving Americans. A new American Revolution is my greatest dream—this time against the entrenched ruling American authoritarian complex, which is an enemy far more evil than the colonial British monarchy ever was.

But any action that you prefer to take now is better than no action at all. Anything is better than being a weak compliant obedient little sheep. 

Don’t be a sheep! Reclaim your freedoms! Do not accept the Permanent Pandemic! 

About the author:

A. J. Smuskiewicz is a writer, a musician, and an artist. A playlist of his political music videos is available at:


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