'The Great Scamdemic'

We now live at the crossroads of politics and medicine. An intersection where public health concerns and political opportunists converge to create the greatest con in the history of mankind. A place where those in power in the press and on the Left use a virus to bring about change at the ballot box. Welcome to the "Great Scamdemic".

In 2016, Donald trump won the most unanticipated presidential victory since Dewey did not defeat Truman. His victory so twitter-pated his adversaries in the press, among Democrats, Liberal-progressives, and within his own party that they all refused to accept the outcome of that fateful election.

In their wish to rebuke the electorate and undo 2016’s outcome, these swamp-creatures have tried everything. They marched out a nearly endless procession of pundits, politicians, and porn stars to accuse the president of everything from adultery to treason.

Hillary Clinton purchased a dossier of duplicitous lies which she then handed to the Obama Administration. Her sole intention was to accuse the incoming administration of “colluding” with the Russians. After two years and more than thirty-million dollars no evidence of collusion was presented except that which occurred between the Democrats and the Press. Both of whom cried “Russia is coming”.

What Clinton, Obama, Rice, Powell, Omarosa, Brennan, Bolton, Comey, Clapper, and the storm that was Daniels could not do can now be obtained, the Left believes, via a virus. The Chinese Coronavirus, or COVID-19, will do what a universe of moral delinquents and demagogues could not, unseat Donald Trump.

A virus that escaped from a biological weapons facility in Wuhan, China has become the most dangerous economic and political weapon in the world. Democrat governors across the nation use the virus as a pretense to restrict Americans’ freedoms and the mainstream media is silent. Instead, the Press gleefully reports death counts and positive COVID cases relentlessly under their belief it will stop Trump’s chance at re-election.

The greatest single economic turn-around in American history stopped and reversed at the hands of people who saw, not a public health crisis, but a political opportunity. Lockdowns followed by riots reduce American cities to ash and these paragons of pretended virtue can't contain their glee.

In March, the sainted Dr. Anthony Fauci tells us, “no one needs a mask”, and then in May Fauci changes his fertile mind and states without shame, “we should all be wearing masks”.

In March through May we are forced by liberal governors across the nation to lockdown so that our healthcare system is not “overwhelmed”. When it becomes clear that our health care system is in no danger at all from this pandemic these so-called experts change their tune and exhort us to stop the deaths.

When deaths became the new target, the Left establishes the acceptable death rate as one. As in, if only one person dies due to COVID-19 that is one too many. The destruction of the entire economy and perhaps the American way of life is OK, if not one single person dies.

If the standard is "one death" then it seems logical they would also seek to stop us from driving, swimming, rock climbing, snake charming, and skydiving. All these activities should be eliminated if they could result in even one death.

In this we have the real conundrum. We can’t quit living because life is dangerous.

When death counts, blared on TVs and radios with no less fervor than the ‘Friday Night Follies’ during the Vietnam War, slow to a near standstill, once again the Left changes tact and begins to report on “rising” cases as the “real” thing to be feared.

In truth, the thing to fear is the fear mongering of those whose sole purpose is to convince you to vote for Joe Biden.

When New York City was the epicenter of this illness reporting on the pandemic centered on how responsible New York officials were in their containment plan, and how states such as Florida and Texas were acting irresponsibly by remaining "open”.

According to the New York Times, as of today New York state has had 412,000 COVID-19 cases and more than 32,000 deaths. New York accounts for more than 10% of the nation’s total COVID-19 cases more than 20% of the deaths.

By contrast, added together, Florida and Texas have suffered a total of 9,115 deaths.
You are now being warned to fear the “rising” case counts in Florida, Texas, and other states, but nothing about the declining death and hospitalization rates across the nation. The absence of this reporting should convince you that you are the victim of fraud.

The Press avoids useful information because it's good news. Good news is good for the president, so it's not allowed.

Do you stay unconvinced? I hope the following story will persuade you to at least examine the facts.

I spoke with a young woman, let’s call her “Edam”, last weekend who stated she had gone to a local clinic to be tested for COVID-19. Upon arrival, she was confronted by a lengthy line but having completed the registration paperwork she decided to wait her turn. After having waited for about thirty minutes she decided this was taking too long and left. She left without having the COVID-19 test administered. The following day she was contacted by the testing facility and informed her “test” had come back “positive”.

How can an individual have a “positive” result from a test she never took? How can any sane person trust updated coronavirus case and death counts knowing that this is possible?

Even if you believe that what happened in this young woman’s case was an exception, you couldn’t ignore that it happened and it should cause you to wonder how it happened, why it happened, and what percent of total tests are false positives or are the results of tests that were never administered?

If a person who has not been tested for COVID-19 can test positive for the illness, then we all are “positive”.

How can we trust death counts when public health officials include both confirmed and "suspected" cases in the total? As if that weren’t problematic enough the Centers for Disease Control admits their COVID-19 death counts include people who died from influenza or pneumonia, because according to the CDC the “symptoms (of COVID-19) can be similar to influenza-like illness.”

Similar, too, are the symptoms of hanging and drowning. In both cases the victim stops breathing, but no reputable doctor would ever confuse the two.

The distortion of the death count is confirmed by Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike, who tells us what a COVID-19 death means. According to Dr. Ezike, "It means technically even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it's still listed as a COVID death. So, everyone who's listed as a COVID death doesn't mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of the death."

Killed in car accident, but had COVID-19, that's a COVID-19 death.

This is an epic fraud. A lie of such breathtaking vastness and depth that it dwarfs every other preceding deception in human history. This “Scamdemic” is being perpetrated by liars in the press and government to control behavior and predetermine the outcome of this November’s election. Scare the populace witless and offer Uncle Joe Biden as the antidote.

Unrest in the biggest American cities in combination with an illness whose reported symptoms, deadliness, and infectiousness varies by the week, results in nothing more than fear. This fear and its attendant changes in our behaviors represent the end of life as we know it in exchange for the “new normal”.

Face it folks, you are in the grips of 'The Great ‘Scamdemic’.

The Press refers to rioters and looters as "protesters" and tells us not to believe our own eyes. They stand amid the chaos and destruction telling us it's about "racial justice", not anarchy. The con is complete when we they tell us what we are seeing, isn't what we are seeing.

When reporter Austen Fleccas asked US Congressman Jerry Nadler if he disavowed "the violence from Antifa that's happening in Portland," the rotund lawmaker said the reports were a myth "that's being spread only in Washington, DC."

The thing being "spread" in Washington DC is manure and it's being disseminated by no less than the powerful head of the US House's Judiciary Committee. To get well we must throw off the deceit and deception and look to the truth.

The ‘Scamdemic’s’ purpose isn’t to protect public health or improve racial harmony, its sole aim is to unseat President Donald Trump. The cure is a much-needed infusion of liberty, freedom, and truth coming in the form of a ballot marked on behalf of re-electing President Trump.

No, the Left won’t stop because they lose another election, but each loss diminishes them as the sound of thunder lessens as it moves farther away. They will writhe, spit, and continue to poison American society as part of the worst tantrum in American history, but they will know the battle is joined and perhaps then they will be the ones living in fear.

Trump 2020 or a lifetime of the ‘Scamdemic’, you choose.
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