COVID-19 Thoughts Part 33: When Churches submit to The State

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Day by day, I have grown disgusted with most churches who choose to go along with the social engineers of the State, and their agenda to implement a new normal for our lives. They are using COVID-19 to usher in the new social engineering/control experiment if not already.

Most of us agree with the lockdown to flatten the curve which proved to be an overreaction. My worse fears however, are somewhat coming to pass. Already LA County has extended its lockdown until mid to late summer, and who knows when Gretchen Whitmer, Janet Mills, Ralph “Blackface” Northam, and Larry Hogan will open their respected states. Now it’s about finding an vaccine. So if we find the vaccine, will you then open up your states? I am now convinced that the whole globalist progressive left wants to impose a new great depression if not a global depression. The unemployment numbers are equal if not better to the unemployment numbers of the great depression of the 1930’s, and this is just America alone.

The people that I have listed seems to me, want to shutdown their states long enough to destroy the livelihood of their people, so they can sell their political ISM snake oil afterwards. The sad thing, most of our pastors are AWOL, and are going along with this. The Big A Atheists approve of this lockdown as they worship the progressive science models along with the long term game of transforming America into a godless society in so many ways, especially implementing the end game of the sexual revolution including doing away with marriage (and treat sex just like eating and drinking), killing preborn children (created by their wanted sexual lusts), and gender differences altogether.

An honest Christian worldview would have handled COVID-19 differently. It would have keep the churches open someway and somehow, but discourage the elderly and others who could catch the virus and die to lockdown, instead of everybody.

If we really want to protect the elderly, then why can’t they have their essential surgeries that could extend their lives, coupled with cancer treatments. Those have been put on hold, and putting more lives at risk, causing more unnecessary death of the elderly. Father Don Armstrong who is the rector of a local Anglican church in Colorado Springs said the lockdown “is part of giving up to gain, loosing our lives to save them, so we willing give up for the sake of those who otherwise might be tempted to come to church, even going against the wisdom of the medical community, which is one of God’s answers to our prayers in this time of distress.”

With all due respect Father Don; Does that include the elderly losing their lives to other causes (and smudging the stats to make COVID-19 the cause), as the preborn baby killers are allowed to run their business? You, your church, and those who are over you and your church have lost my support, and right now I really don’t want to give it back and nor do I want to come back. If you never see me at your church should you ever open or allowed to open…ask yourself why? I am truly disgusted. This is a Conservative Bible centered church? Sounds more like a crony capitalist Republican church come to think of it. This church is more of social club as most of your typical mainline progressive minded Christian church…so called. They are not alone, and Father Don’s reasoning sounded great at first, but now it’s becoming UnBiblical.

My respect for pastors like Cary K. Gordon and Steve Camp only grow day by day as these people were against the lockdown right form the start (and proven correct all this time). Yes COVID-19 is real, but it is not a virus that equally deadly or worse with the Black Plague. The progressive left, along with some soft left Republicans made COVID-19 a con game. The only ones reaping the rewards are government bureaucrats and elected officials who are making money and trying to redistribute money, if not try to get money from the federal government as Nancy Pelosi is ready, willing and able to do…or at least try.

This pandemic, is changing the way I think of a lot of people. I have lost most respect for most Christians on this. What will they do they if the actual anti-Christ comes? Paul the Apostle lost his life for not renouncing Christ and worshiping Nero instead. Could the anti-Christ really deceive the “elect?” Was this a test for what is to come down the road? Some people like the Anglicans don’t believe in a rapture. If they are correct, then could we lose our salvation should we “outgrow” our “religious beliefs” and bow down before Lucifer’s false Jesus? There is a reason why the First Commandment warns of having No Other gods. We are all guilty of this, but hopefully you see the bigger picture when you have demi-gods like Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping walking the Earth at this moment, coupled with dead ones like Fidel Castro, Mao Zedong, Hugo Chavez, Pol Pot, etc etc.

I do believe that there will be an anti-Christ that will rule for a season someday. You see the people who want to usher that in (knowing it or not), and most of them favor centralized government and a earth based Messiah . We don’t really know what the Mark of the Beast really will be (a tattoo, some kind of computer chip, Livestock styled branding etc) but the Bible warns of God’s Wrath being poured on those who choose to serve the anti-Christ (and it will be no turning back of those who take “the mark”). But these people are “not afraid to burn in hell.” Right now that phrase used by Big A Atheists should warn you, that these people are desperate in making certain wickedness acceptable.

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