COVID-19 Thoughts Part 34: Reopen, Reconstruct, and a much needed Revival of the Christian Church in America

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Even though President Donald Trump just issued an Executive Order to open up churches, synagogues and other places of worship; my thoughts on the overall Christian church and the way they handled the COVID-19 lockdown may never be the same. I agree with those who say that the church gathering is mandatory, and that streaming is no different than the days of using analog TV as church. For some, certain media outlets is necessity. Just be sure to test the doctrine. However I am truly disgusted at how most pastors handled this, and I have become very picky about where I may attend church in the future. Those who are starting to protest, I say better late than never. Welcome to the fight of your life…so far. The greater battles are yet to come however, and should a Democrat or ,God forbid, a Big A Atheist soft left Republican should take charge…then the pastors better be ready to push back when the State asks for too much.

If certain people dare call you rogue pastors or whatever, so be it. I am really fed up with people who said that this lockdown was for the weakest among us. Tell that to the people who lost their jobs or their business. Those are the people who really gave much of their lives for the “greater good.” Now these people are not going to get their jobs nor their business back. I highly doubt they would return to and/or go to a church that was all in for this con game. God said quarantine the sick and only the sick including those who are likely to die, or you know beyond reasonable doubt can cause people to die. Typhoid Mary Mallon was a proven health threat, but you don’t treat everyone like her for crying out loud. Meanwhile, you let the healthy develop herd mentality and build the anti-bodies from there. Meanwhile you let the economy’s engine run as always. This lockdown was just another pagan humanist experiment that did much harm to the people.

Church musician Jonathan Aigner might have hated Larry Norman for laying the ground work for Contemporary Christian Music (he grown up to hate it after so many years of it, being shoved down by his parents), but some of his wisdom would be helpful at this time. Since we can’t sing in church anymore (in fear of COVID-19), why don’t we just move forward and just have a services in which there is no music at all, let us just have church services in which nothing but Holy Scripture is taught. When it is safe to “sing again” in about three, five, maybe ten years, then we can “reconstruct” the church service music once the Biblical Worldview itself is reconstructed coupled with the Fear of God. Norman’s music was blunt and convicting at times and polarized many Christian music fans, but there were others like Steve Camp and Keith Green who were able to do what Norman did and still get radio airplay on Christian music radio.

Kevin Swanson of Generations Ministries and a Presbyterian pastor in the eastern plans of Colorado also stated on his April 21, 2020 edition of his Generations Radio podcast,that we also need to do a few more things as well. According to Swanson, we need to look to our parents and our grandparents and so on, and the styles music that was composed in their respected eras. For sure much of our music has moved away from the focus of beauty and trending towards nihilism. Also most popular Christian music these days lacks the meat and substance, especially in the the contemporary worship sub-genre. By the way, Larry Norman did not want to be a worship leader in some church…he wanted wanted to sing about Jesus and play rock music.

Some churches want to re-lyric/reword certain hymns downplaying God’s Wrath. One mainline church body did just that with the 21st Century hymn In Christ Alone. The line “The Wrath of God was Satisfied” became, “The Love of God was Magnified.” The later line alone devalues the love, mercy, and grace of God. The progressives may never ever get this one, as they continue to try to appease the fallen world who wants to work out their own salvation but not fall down to the cross themselves. Maybe we can get Stuart Townend to protest and maybe…just maybe file a lawsuit and demand that the line remains “the Wrath of God.” Just a thought.

One thing for sure, the United States of America and indeed the whole world needs to experience a much needed Christian revival and I do not give a damn what the Big A Atheists have to say. Regardless of it’s Americans United, Freedom From Religion Foundation and/or others who have blocked common sense ideals and worldviews that would keep a nation together and exalt it. Instead we saw a growing secular, humanist, pagan, materialist culture overtake the Judeo-Christianity worldview and now it is ready to pound the final nails into Christianity’s casket…or so they think.

Let us remember some of these things coupled with those who died on our battlefields this Memorial Day Weekend 2020.

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