How a Humanist worldview Corrupted American government

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The late Jerry Falwell Senior and his Moral Majority, coupled with other voices in the day from the like D. James Kennedy, Phyllis Schlafly, James Dobson were vocal and were able to elect a President who was consistent in his convictions and values. Not perfect by any means but consistent and did not waver for the most. He also stressed the importance of the Ten Commandments of God that he gave to Moses and the fact they were not suggestions. He talked about the basics of loving God and loving our neighbors. He called out certain hate groups which thanks to our media are protected (for they advance the cause pagan humanist progressive Marxism which are major press supports) and told our faith leaders to use their pulpits to speak out and expose these groups. That President was none other than Ronald Wilson Reagan. It was him and his values that re-energized the Republican party until his successor decided it was OK to take a bribe from those who covet and steal (and hurt the common people), only to lose the election to their chosen candidate…or candidates if you include the conniving wife of that respected candidate.

No matter what the warning signs say, the people just keep voting a certain way because they think those who have an R attached to their name means they are the good ones. Well if they don’t fear God’s law and are easily bribed…sorry Charlie that is not the case. It does show in the political world, we don’t trust God’s providence but rather lean on flawed humanist ways, and those very ways have allowed our government to be not only tainted but downright corrupted.

Just recently Jerry Falwell Jr, the son of his father’s namesake issued an official letter to congressman Denver Riggleman (R-Virginia) making a declaration that he would encourage Republicans in Riggleman’s district to unite and become a big tent party that works together to ensure the Republican Party works to retain control of the state government in Virginia. Falwell claims that Riggleman is being shunned because he not a social conservative and that he officiated a gay marriage. Further more, Falwell says that people who would agree with his worldviews and formed coalitions to advance them, can’t really do nothing unless the Republicans are able to appoint more judges the the Supreme Court of the United States that would reverse its bad judgments. Falwell learned nothing from this, for it was Republican appointed judges that legalized abortion and gay marriage (a Reagan short coming BTW). They are just as guilty as the Democratic ones who barred prayer in public school and empowered the Big A atheists to cleanse faith from the public square to justify their wickedness and get everyone to approve of it.

I get that we are not going to agree on everything as a political party, but I think we can uphold a few things. Marriage & Family, the Right of Life, the Right to Private Property and the Right to have it not taken from you without compensation (coupled with a fair and proper tax to fund the government), and not tolerating those who would bare false witness. If these very things are the promotion of a religious theocracy…so be it…but its not really.
I am not going to disown everyone that is gay or whatever for as long as they can uphold the above things in government someway and somehow. Now if that gets challenged big time by someone like Guy Benson or whomever…then we have a problem. In a perfect world everyone that was caught in homosexuality and other sexual perversions would be put to death if convicted and commanded by the Law of God (Leviticus 20:13). God’s law has not changed on homosexuality for he still calls it an abomination (Leviticus 18:23). He does not hate homosexuals and others who are sexually loose, but they must repent or be judged. Please take it up with God and not with me…but you can’t really so you must take it out on people like me.

The bottom line, God is Life, God is FOR Life, and God is not going to honor or support something that brings in Death. Homosexuality will always be a deathstyle. I can honor the support of homosexuals that agree with me and my worldview and what I want to advance, but I would tell them the same thing. God calls homosexuality an abomination. Love you Guy Benson and I shall continue to link your pieces on DNM’s World, but that that’s the way it is.

As for waiting for SCOTUS to get it right…then why did slavery abolitionists as well as the legislative bodies continue to press and challenge them on the issue of slavery? We should not wait for SCOTUS to overturn Roe vs. Wade to challenge preborn baby murder. It still runs into conflict with the right to life and that right was denied by so many, all because of women that were more interested in their sexual pleasures or were not given a choice for whatever reason and/or were mislead by families who did not know better, their lovers, friends etc etc…and yes; certain Men who pressured women to choose abortion.

We don’t wait for abortion to become unthinkable, we educate people that abortion is murder and wrong and that is must be outlawed. Why do we do that? No different than abolishing slavery. We demanded our government abolish slavery because we believe in the right to life and the right of people to pursue whatever makes them happy…even if they fail. Why, because we honor the God that has given us these liberties and freedoms and not those who would try to steal them, not to mentioned their own feeble attempts to take God’s place themselves.

I don’t know much about Riggleman, but looking at his Conservative Review Liberty Score (67% D) as of this writing; I can say if he was my congressman I would be protesting my vote by either abstaining my vote and if I have other opinions and the write in blank I would be exercising those options. These D and F ratings that these Republicans get and are contend with it, is killing us as a nation. These people are cutting deals, taking bribes and making dishonest gains. Meanwhile those who are trying to get by, pay the greater price in higher taxes, and government that is dysfunctional and allow for chaos to take control.

A Christian worldview that dominates the culture would not allow someone like Riggleman to get away with what he is doing now and not just because of him officiating a same sex wedding. Falwell has lost his marbles by writing such a letter. If anything our politics shows how a humanist worldview allowed government to be corrupted and naive Christians in the name of pragmatism allow it to continue. Here is something else pragmatic…you can’t always vote for weak officials and expect a different outcome…and you will have to eventually step out in true faith. You can’t win the political contest with your easily bribed public official and get the kind of policies you want. You have a fear of a wicked rival political party than a fear of God himself. Who should you really fear? The Democratic Party or God? If you fear God, then you do what he wants and if the Democrats do kill you or whatever, you will have the true rewards and not the Democrats. Meanwhile maybe those who are being abused will raise up and push back or God himself will finally tear down another empire…and he eventually will.

As much as I love the likes of JD Rucker and Mark Levin, I can’t agree with them on always voting Republican to defeat the Democrats. I think Rucker needs to go back to his original plan and look into forming a new political party. Sure the likes of David Leach and Shannon Joy want their perfect rib rock no compromise “Christian” conservatives and are downright honest Never Trumpers, but that does not mean they are not wrong about forming a new liberty movement. Once progressivism takes over something, nine times out of ten its already lost to corruption. Something new must be formed and if possible replace what was corrupted. You can’t put new wine into old sheep skins. You must always use new sheep skins for brand new wine. That application must be applied into the political field. The WHIGS were replaced by the Republican Party when they would not take a firm stand on abolishing slavery. Now its the Republican Party that needs to be replaced by a party that will stand for America’s founding principles. Not to mention abolishing abortion and taking back the marriage institution from the pagans (and make it One Man/One Woman once more) who in the end would abolish it altogether for no holds bared Free Love, for the family unit is a cancer to the hard core radical Marxist. I don’t the Trump cult either but down right hating him can backfire on your cause.

Dear Levin, you need to listen to the likes of Steve Deace and how the binary choice is really killing America as we know it and I would tell Levin what I would tell Rucker. I doubt that will get to this head but I would hope at a minim that he would respect the people who truly follow their God and their conscience. Rucker too. At least Deace has not done a Bash Trump piece one after another unlike Leach.

As for Jerry Falwell Jr, like your father before…you are a fool, if not a greater fool.

Exodus 18:21 is not a suggestion but a divine command. Choosing leaders that will fear God, not take a bribe, are content in what they have and will honor other people’s property and their claim to it, and strive for honest gain in their personal lives will result in a happier community. We are not going to have an honest revival in our government if we continue to refuse to honor Exodus 18:21.

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