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Writers Note:  I originally wrote this piece this year in February.  It was after Andrew Cuomo signed the New York state’s abortion law which basically allows for infanticide.  Sarah was and is still all in for abortion on demand and the sexual liberation of women.  Children be damned.  She appeared with Cuomo when he signed this bill into law.  My purpose was to expose Weddington for the selfish and self-absorbed woman that she is.  I have no love and a righteous hatred of this agent of evil.  I have made some changes to the piece since that time.

You know about Roe vs. Wade, but do you really know the true power behind Jane Roe aka Norma McCorvey. That real power was her lawyer Sarah Ragle Weddington.  This woman who graduated two years early in high school (at 16 years of age), majored in English in college, and then studied Law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin.

Weddington wanted it all:  Love, Sex, Career

During her time there, she met a man she thought she would fall in love with and maybe spend the rest of her life with. That man was Ron Weddington.  They became lovers and in her third year of law school in 1967, Sarah would become pregnant. Sarah was not ready to be a mother (and never would be such) so she traveled to Mexico and was able to get an abortion which was a crime in Mexico, just as much as it was in the state of Texas at the time.  She would complete her Law Degree and receive her Juris Doctor (JD) in the very same year at 21 years of age. Sarah would marry Ron Weddington a year later.
Fresh out of law school, Weddington was not able to find work real world work when it came to the law profession. At the same time, it seemed that she was compelled to fight for women’s sexual liberation based on her own personal experiences regarding her own abortion.  She joined a group of graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin (the parent school of of the University of Texas School of Law) and helped them in their research to overturn current abortion laws and make it easy for women to obtain abortion services in the United States. Enter Norma McCorvey who became key in Weddington’s goal to decriminalize preborn baby murder and give women their sexual freedom…a freedom that Weddington wanted to have not just for herself, but for other women as well.  She was a Margaret Sanger in the legal profession.

Roe vs. Wade:  Weddington makes History

The story of McCorvery is somewhat confusing. Some say she was truly seeking an abortion (and that Weddington wanted McCorvery to carry the pregnancy to term so that she can make a strong case on behalf of McCorvery), others say that McCorvery just wanted a divorce from her then husband and did not want to abort her child.  What we do know for sure is that McCorvery didn’t have an abortion and allowed her child to live (like or not at time), and it was given up for adoption.  She was however at the time supportive of abortion rights.  We also know that McCorvery was not the brightest bulb out their, and the likes of Weddington felt that McCorvery could be the very useful idiot to not only challenge laws that protect the unborn in Texas (at the expense of so-called women’s rights), but maybe challenge them on a national level. McCorvery was given the alias Jane Roe and indeed, Roe’s case (really Weddington’s case) went all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) with Weddington (along with Linda Coffee) giving a passionate case on why abortion must be legal and why its a advancement of women’s rights.  Harry Blackmun was among the seven out of the nine who agreed with Weddington & Coffee and the right of the woman to have her preborn child murdered became legal.  Weddington made history as the youngest person (age 27 at the time) to argue a successful SCOTUS case.

Post Roe vs. Wade

In 1974, after the success of Roe vs. Wade; Sarah’s marriage to Ron came to an end. She kept her husband’s last name however and reaped the rewards of her successful SCOTUS win.  She served in the Texas State House for three successful terms. She served on the United States Department of Agriculture during the Carter Administration. Indeed Weddington was becoming a well remembered, powerful and admired woman in history.  She would continue to be an advocate of abortion rights and like many of its high profile and vocal supporters; Weddington is really a supporter of abortion on demand. If the woman wants to have the child killed, it shall be done.  This would be exposed in the many debates she would have with one time arch rival of the feminist movement in America; the late great Phyllis Schlafly.
More recently Weddington was at the signing of New York State’s abortion law by Govenor Andrew Cuomo in which basically makes abortion on demand legal. Just make it about women’s liberation and it becomes humane. That is what Weddington was fighting for in her many years of pro-abortion activism. The acceptance of abortion as a “positive good” and the killing of preborn children in tranquility.  So what if the baby brains get sucked out?  So what if the preborn child is injected with a poison with the intent to kill it and deliver it DOA? Too many people have accepted preborn baby murder as a positive good, must to the delight of the likes of Weddington.  Makes you wonder what her Methodist father really taught her and/or if she strayed away from the Christian faith.  These women use their “lady parts” as a statement of power of their own sexuality and their power to create life and destroy “potential life.”  Margaret Sanger would have been proud.

Meet the Monster that Sarah Weddington truly is

Truth be told, Weddington used and exploited McCorvery to not only advance the cause of preborn baby murder but in reality it was really about sexual liberation for women.  The right of women to have sex without the worry and/or consequences of barring a child they did not want.  She did not want the brat, just the bratwurst; for the later just feels great; having and raising children…not so much.  Melissa Clement who once admired Weddington asked about McCorvery in a private conservation with Weddington.  The reaction Weddington had was a shock and a surprise to Clement.

Sarah’s gracious demeanor and beautiful smile changed instantaneously.

“She’s a stupid piece of white trash. She’s pro-life and a Christian,” she snarled throwing in a few decidedly ungracious and unrepeatable curse words. “She’s a piece of trash. She was stupid when we found her and she’s worse now.”

I quickly paid the check and the evening ended. Her words and her demeanor hung in the air that night and honestly, I have never been able to forget them.

Meeting the former Jane Roe

Weddington thought that she could confide her real bitter and angry and self-destructive (and a danger to others) self to Clement. It only made Clement supportive of the pro-life/anti-abortion cause.  McCorvery, a piece of trash that is more stupid now than when Weddington and Coffee first met her?  That sounds like someone who did not really care about a person and only used them to advance a personal gain.  Clement eventually met McCorvery and brought her to speak at a pro-life event.  When Clement asked McCorvery if she was ever in touch with Weddington and Coffee, McCorvery said; “I haven’t heard from them in years. They were not nice women. They were not nice to me.” Indeed you find out sooner or later who your true friends are.  Its a process but your actions indeed speak louder than your words.

The Takeaway

Weddington’s actions spoke loud and clear. As a young feminist woman of her day like many of her ilk, felt that marriage was irrelevant. She and her lover Ron were infatuated with each other that the decided to engage in premarital sex (i.e. Fornication). Either her father did not teach her better or Sarah thought she knew better.  Certain feminists in recent years have admitted that they need abortion because their sexual desires are far more important than creating and conceiving new life.  Sarah Weddington is proof of just that.  Preborn babies be damned.  You can only pray that Weddington is not so corrupted that she is beyond redemption by the blood of Jesus Christ. Personally I think she is so corrupted with a truly evil heart that God can’t save her from her wickedness.  She made her choices, and God allowed her to make them.  We shall See.
For now I can say beyond reasonable doubt that Sarah Weddington is truly a harlot and a whore (at least in spirit these days) and downright selfish and full of vanity, and is truly an EVIL person.  She just does it in a conservative dress and with a law degree.

Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.  Hebrews 13:4 (NKJV)

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