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 Rachel Alexander is the editor of Intellectual Conservative. She is a senior editor at The Stream, and a regular contributor to Townhall, The Christian Post and WND. She frequently appears on TV and news radio as a conservative commentator, and hosted a radio show on 960 KKNT in Phoenix and then on UStream. She is a recovering attorney and former gun magazine editor. She previously served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Arizona, corporate attorney for Go Daddy Software, and Special Assistant/Deputy County Attorney for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. As co-president of the UW Political Science Honor Society, she obtained degrees in Political Science and History from the University of Washington, followed by a law degree from Boston College and the University of Arizona. She was ranked by Right Wing News as one of the 50 Best Conservative Columnists from 2011-2017 and is a recipient of Americans for Prosperity’s RightOnline Activist of the Year award.

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“Rachel Alexander is one of the top political analysts in the country.” -G.Gordon Liddy

“Thank you for your weekly writing contributions to The Americano. Your articles are always on-point, insightful and interesting.” – Newt Gingrich





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The Day the World Ended: Remembering my Brother Seven Years Later
Who’s Afraid of the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

GOP Presidential Candidates Tricked Into Flip-flop on Iraq War
Meet the Bill Maher From the Right Who is Changing Entertainment
Baltimore Prosecutor Deliberately Heightens Racial Tensions
Sleazy Gun-Control Bureaucrats Shut Down Legendary Gun Range
Which Presidential Candidates Will Support a White House Council on Boys and Men?
Ted Stevens: The Left’s Original Blueprint on How to Destroy an Elected Republican
Social Media Erasing the Ivy League Advantage
Leftist Sharks Finally Circling Around Sheriff Arpaio
Why Americans Don’t Care About ISIS
Time for Obama to Give Back His Nobel Peace Prize
Nation of Drivel
CPAC’s Curiously Skewed Poll and Other Oddities

School Choice Metamorphoses From Vouchers to Savings Accounts

How to Force an Ethics-Plagued Democrat to Finally Resign

Goldwater Institute Sues: State Bars are Unconstitutional Mandatory Unions

The Witch Hunt Against Bob McDonnell

An Inside Glimpse at the Left’s Progress for a North American Union
Obama Apologizes to the French for Choosing Football Over Anti-Terrorism March

Boehner Re-elected Speaker . . . And You Got Played

Big Business Explains Continuing Gasps of Discredited Green Movement

Bush, Romney, Cruz, Paul, Perry or ?

The 20-year Demise of a Blue State

Over 1,000 Gun Owners Violate Washington’s I-594 – In Front Of Police!

Stepdad of Michael Brown Incites Ferguson Riots: ‘Burn This B*** Down!’

Free Pass for One Percenter Al Sharpton on $4.5 Million Owed in Taxes

The Depression of Obama

Recall Starts Before Anti-Common Core Arizona Schools Superintendent Even Takes Office
Showdown: 5,500 Washington State Gun Owners Intend to Engage in Civil Disobedience Over I-594

Obama’s Czar Wants Self-driving Automobile Mandates to Further Agenda 21
Feminists Jealous of Catcalls

Tom DeLay Exonerated by Final Court in Texas; Liberal Media Virtually Silent

Stealth Gun Control Initiative Too Close To Call In Washington State

Opposition Group Turns to Stealth and Sexism to Oppose Shared Parenting in North Dakota

Historic Gun Range About To Be Shut Down By Leftist Bureaucrats

Libertarians Can’t Leave Their Love of Toll Roads

Dinesh D’Souza Criminally Sentenced While John Edwards and Other Liberals Skated

Misleading “Freedom” Referendum Goes Down in Flames in Scotland

Narcissism and Social Media: Where Should Conservatives Draw the Line?

Obama Fails to Warn Americans of Possibility of 9-11 Anniversary Attack This Week

I Can Destroy Your Reputation and Career in Two Minutes

Wake Up! Hamas is as Threatening as ISIS

Convicted Drunk Driver Indicts Ham Sandwich -er Governor Perry

Emboldened ISIS Barbarically Slaughtering Christians In Iraq As Obama Golfs

Review of America: Imagine A World Without Her by Dinesh D’Souza
The U.S. is Racist for not Paying for Every Child in the World

Public Utility Attempting to Buy Arizona Elections

Shadowy Political Organizations Making Money Off Conservative Candidates

I Admit, I’m Christian Because I Need a Crutch And I’m Brainwashed

Review of Lynne Cheney’s Book About James Madison

Women Crying Over Supreme Court Decisions on Funding Abortifacients

Conservative Andrew Thomas Likely to Become Arizona’s Next Governor

Mass Shootings: It’s Time To Go Back To Institutionalizing The Severely Mentally Ill

Leading Women For Shared Parenting Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary on Father’s Day
Tea Party Revolution Taking Place in England
The Left’s New Censorship of Free Speech: “Check Your Privilege”

Seattle Set To Destroy Economy With Highest Minimum Wage Increase In The World
Arizona’s Pseudo-Conservative Attorney General Embroiled In Campaign Scandals
IRS Brazenly Continues Crackdowns On Conservative Organizations
Prosecutor’s Targeting of Gun Range Exec Enters 15th Year
Harry Reid’s Crony Capitalism Behind Showdown With Nevada Rancher?

Dangerous Erosion of Freedom as Obama Cedes Control of the Internet
Hobby Lobby: Should Employers be Forced to Provide Abortifacients?
Veterans Administration Abandons Vets Suffering From Depleted Uranium Contamination

Molon Labe: Connecticut’s Terrifying Start Of Gun Confiscation
Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Revives Cold War
Environmentalists Target Fracking

Global Warming Alarmists Suffer Glacier-Sized Setbacks
The Occupy Movement and its Extreme Left Component Implode
Exposed: Obama Blocks White House Council on Boys and Men
Obama Criminalizes Dissent, Goes After Dinesh D’Souza

SHOT Show: The Last Bastion of Growing Conservatism

The Ugly Reality of the Chris Christie Bridge Scandal

Mass Marketing Garbage Overload
The “Mommy Wars” Are Over
Reality TV Shows Aren’t All a Bad Thing

Millennials Finally Turn Against Obama; Want Recall
High School Sex Ed Indoctrination Reaching Dangerous Levels
DUI Checkpoints: Yay or Nay?
Dodd-Frank: Making it Harder for you to get a Mortgage
Chris Christie for President?
Solar Industry Takes on Crony Capitalism in Arizona
We’re the Next Greece
Watch Your Guns Around Obamacare
Another Pretend Government Shutdown
Common Core For All

Leftist Hysteria Over Monsanto

Gun Control Debate: Navy Yard Shooting Another Poor Excuse for More Laws
Starbucks Should Stick to Coffee and Leave Guns Alone
Why the Democrats are Winning
The Warmongering President
Political Apathy Destroying Middle Class Comforts
Narcissism Nation

Crooked Unions Try to Take Out Bravest City Councilman in the U.S.
Why I Don’t Respond to Your Email
Why the RNC Chair is Right to Ditch CNN, NBC Hosting Debates
Radical Environmentalists Have Blood of 19 Arizona Firefighters on Their Hands

The Future of the GOP: Rand Paul or Chris Christie?
America’s Fascination with Weiner, Spitzer
Trade Promotion Authority is not the Free Trade Utopia it Seems

Napolitano Leaving DHS Under Cloud of Suspicion
The Sudden Decline of Marco Rubio
So You Want to be a Freelance Writer…
Supreme Court’s Decisions on Race Preferences Increasingly Meaningless

Edward Snowden: Traitor or Hero?

Governor Brewer Betrays Conservatives, Forces Through Huge Obamacare Medicaid Expansion
Suspicions Confirmed: Academia Shutting Out Conservative Professors

Blacklisted by Higher Education
New Organization of Women for Shared Parenting May Finally End Courts Favoring Mothers
Libya Deja Vu: Arming Syrian Rebels Likey to Usher in al Qaeda
Triplegate: It’s Like Saul Alinsky is Running the Country
The Left Turning on Obama Over Military Policy
Anti-Americanism Increasing at the United Nations
White House Handling of Boston Bombing Draws Suspicion

The Power of Being “Offended” in Order to Shut Down Political Debate
Spying on the Progressives
Newly Passed United Nations Gun Control Treaty Could be Used to Ban Private Gun Control Ownership
Creeping One-World Government
Sanford and Other Toxic Republicans Need to Step Aside for Electable Republicans
Toll Roads and Double Taxation: The Left and Libertarians Converge

Jailed for Nonpayment of Child Support – But it’s Not His Child
Common Core: What’s Hidden Behind the Language
Continuing Resolutions Splitting Conservatives
Republicans Clueless About Minorities

Top Television Shows Today Full of Garbage
CPAC 2013: Can the GOP Ever Get the Millennial Vote?
The Sequestration Scare
Apple Stock Woes Won’t Derail Apple Dominance
Where is the Left’s Uproar Over Obama’s Secret Warmongering Drone Strategy?

Whatever Happened to Free Obamacare?

Obama’s Divide the GOP and Conquer Strategy

Pharisees and Sadducees of the GOP

A Thoughtful Look at the Marijuana Legalization Trend
Temporary Fiscal Cliff Compromise Full of Pork, Tax Hikes and Spending Increases
U.S. Covering Up and Revising Islamic Ties to Terrorism
Rampage Shootings: It’s the Moral Decay of Society, not Guns
Time to Remove Boehner as Speaker

Obama’s Re-Election Mandate: Guess Whose Money He’s Targeting Next? 
Virginia One of 44 States to Restrict Government’s Arbitrary Taking of Property 

Book Review: Scalia Repudiates Judicial Activism
Minorities Disproportionately Worse Off Under Obama
Benghazi Betrayal May be a Cover-Up of American Weapons in Hands of Terrorists
Obama Likely Won Re-Election Through Election Fraud 
Obama’s Reelection Will Ensure Complete U.S. Economic Collapse
Porn Addiction at Crisis Level Read the abridged version at Worldnetdaily
Adam Lanza Shooting: Guns are not the Problem, Moral Decay is
$19 Billion in Pure Government Waste This Year and Growing

Obama’s Stealth Amnesty for Illegal Immigrant Children Usurps Power of Congress 
Obama Treating Women Like Breeding Animals
Obama Using Agenda 21 “Regionalism” to Covertly Destroy America’s Suburbs
Clint Bolick and the Goldwater Institute Quietly Transforming the Country
Culture of Rudeness Contributing to Government Dependency
What Obama Meant to Say in His DNC Speech

Using Semantics to Take Down Conservative Representative Todd Akin

Pro-Life Justice Fighting Off Liberal Attacks to Regain Seat on Washington Supreme Court

How Obama Enabled Unscrupulous Banks to Foreclose on Innocent Homeowners

TARP Banks Caught Falsifying Interest Rates in LIBOR Rate-Setting Scandal
Supreme Court’s Decision on SB 1070 a Lukewarm Victory 
Rupert Murdoch vs Mitt Romney
MAP-21 Transportation Bill Signed Into Law: Laborers’ International Union of North America at Forefront 
Chief Justice John Roberts: Trojan Horse?

Is the Personhood Movement Really Pro-Life?
Agenda 21 Attached to Transportation Bill Under Consideration in House-Senate Conference Committee
Will Romney Choose a Safe Running Mate for VP?

Culture of Hypercriticism
The Hottest Republican Congressional Primary Race in the CountryCANAMEX: Major NAFTA Superhighway Trade Corridor Part of House-Senate Transportation Conference Committee
Mormon Doctrine Leads to Socialism?

The Democrats’ War on Women

With CISPA, Congress Turns Internet Websites Into Police
Progressives Using Jesse Jackson Shakedown Tactics to Outsmart ALEC
The Rich Are Getting Poorer Under Obama

Robinson is Also Not Wright for America 
Terrorists’ Rights Versus Crime Prevention
Biden: The Other Half of the Moveon.org Dream Team

JD Hayworth Trounces John McCain in First of Two Senate Primary Debates
Arizona’s SB1070 Will Not Hurt The Economy

From SB1070 to J.D. Hayworth’s Book on Illegal Immigration, “Whatever it Takes”

Tea Party Backlash Unites CPAC 2010
Why J.D. Hayworth Will Beat McCain for U.S. Senate

Scientific Fascism at Copenhagen

Why is Sarah Palin “Going Rogue?”
Obama’s Hesitation on Afghanistan

The Right is Taking the Wrong Approach with Hispanics

Why the Tea Parties Over Obama’s Healthcare Plan?

RightOnline Conference does well
Crashing the Netroots Moveon.org party
Review of “Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years”

Ward Connerly’s Uncle James
Where the Blogs Have No Names

Web 2.0 – Tools for Republicans

The New Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Web 2.0 and the New Conservative Revolution

April 15 Tea Party Protests Must Demand Geithner Resignation
How YOU TOO can Benefit from the Foreclosure Baillout!
Unprecedented Level of Tax Evasion Among Obama Appointees
Will Democrats Get Away With the Stimulus Bill?
Robinson is Also Not Wright for America

Speed Cameras: Don’t Smile for the Camera

Terrorists’ Rights vs. Crime Prevention

Changing of the Guard – AZ Governor Napolitano

“Atheists Suck” sign at Washington State Capitol display
Still Goldwater Country
The Newspaper Belongs in the Trash

Biden: The Other Half of the MoveOn.org Dream Team
Obama’s “Read My Lips:” 95% of working families will receive a tax cut

“Imagine No Religion,” Bill Maher, and “Religulous”
Bailout of Financial Institutions Rewards Risky and Greedy Investments by Big Business
The Democrats’ Hypocritical Sexism Towards VP Pick Palin 
Interview with Political Vindication radio on Democrats’ sexism towards Palin
Interview with Point of View on Rick Warren Presidential Forum (starts halfway through)
Analysis of the Rick Warren Presidential Forum: Passion and Conviction Versus Monotone Smooth-talker
“People overload” – The new correlating phenomenon to the Internet’s information overload

Tony Snow: A Gentleman and Conservative Warrior 
Neo-communist /domestic terrorist organization BAMN posts lies to stop Civil Rights Initiative
AZ Bar Illegal Immigration Scandal Escalates
AZ State Bar Ass. Accused of Serious Misconduct for Obstructing Illegal Immigration Enforcement

Striking changes in Arizona as illegal immigrants flee state
Alternative newspaper magnate gets away with using the “n” word 
A Farewell: God and William F. Buckley, Jr.

Jerry Majetich: The Story of a Severely Injured Iraq War Veteran

William F. Buckley, Jr.: The Most Influential Conservative of the 20th Century 
Duplicative investigation of U.S. Attorney firings wastes tax dollars

McCain lacks straight talk and conservative positions in debate
Where do Fred Thompson supporters go from here?

Predicting the 2008 Republican presidential primary nominee 
Democrats greedily blocking healthcare for our returning veterans
Turkey is the problem this time of year
Latest Republican presidential debate: To win, Republicans need a powerful Reaganesque new theme
Christians must get out and vote against Hillary
Solving the High Cost of Healthcare

Nicholas Nikas: The frightening future of cloning and embryonic stem cell research 
Promoting emotional gender differences is hurting marriage rates
On Political Vindication radio discussing 9-11
Highlights from last night’s GOP presidential debate
On Political Vindication Radio discussing neocons v. paleocons

Taking the Civil Rights Initiative
Poll that finds conservatives read less books than liberals is completely off
Latest polls show Giuliani and even Fred Thompson beating Clinton 
Why is the Republican Party attacking our two major presidential candidates?

Is Ron Paul much of a libertarian anymore? 
Bet you didn’t hear about this Terri Schiavo-like case in Arizona
Senate immigration bill needs to include healthcare requirement for Z visa holders

Democrats afraid of racism fought temporary worker program
Don’t get too excited about Fred Thompson just yet  
Jimmy Carter falsely accuses Bush administration of funneling money to faith-based organizations
Why Sarkozy won the election in France 
Framing the issues in conservative language

Racial preference policies continuing to disappear around the country
Missing emails from the U.S. Attorney firings raise questions about retaining emails as public records
Valerie Plame Congressional Hearings Boycotted by Republicans Because of Bias
The Real Mistake Made in the U.S. Attorney Firings
Obama is no Evangelical Christian
The U.S. isn’t winning in Iraq because the politicians won’t allow it 
Those bastions of non-hateful speech, Howard Dean and John Edwards, denounce Ann Coulter for hateful speech 
Incomplete Description of Plan B in Mainstream Media Articles Reveals Liberal Bias

The Demise of McCain’s Presidential Bid 
Email: An Octopus Taking Over People’s Lives (Or, Why That Person Never Emailed You Back) 
First Time in U.S. History a Jury Convicts an Illegal Immigrant of Conspiracy to Smuggle Himself

The Iran Dilemma
Court Upholds County’s Use of Unique New Statute to Prosecute Illegal Immigrants

How You Too Can Become a Millionaire Like the Author of The Da Vinci Code
Creeping Egalitarianism 
The Real Reason why Gas Prices are Increasing

Dubai Ports: Who was Right, the President or Congress?
How to Beat Hillary in 2008

Radio interview with People for Equal Parenting
Race-based Courts are not Colorblind Justice
Radio interview with StraightFromtheHip.com on Race-based Courts
Abramoff Scandal Exemplifies What is Wrong With Reform of Contributions to Congress Members

The Real Message Behind Bush’s State of the Union Speech
Men and Playboy
Analyzing the Democrats’ objections to renewal of the Patriot Act
Free DVDs from illegal immigration conference available
Iraqi election for Parliament this Thursday has come a long way since last January’s election
Wise spending reductions in the proposed legislative budgets
I am offended by the song Feed the World – Do They Know it’s Christmas?
Sounds like the U.N.’s procurement department was run by a union
Why Hillary is so smart – she says nothing of substance
Why only liberals plagiarize
Why free market conservatives should use Mozilla’s Firefox instead of Internet Explorer
What is the difference between abortion and harvesting fetal body parts?
DeLay no guiltier than the Arizona Democratic Party
Alito and reapportionment
Media and Democrats’ dragging out of Valerie Plame leak investigation turning on themselves
U.N Control of the Internet Would Curtail Conservative Speech
A Brief Explanation of why the Federal Reserve is so Powerful
French response to rioting bewildering
Alito has ruled against pro-life positions 3 out of 4 times
A Clockwork Orange arrives in France – You reap what you sow
Around 300 attend Southwest Conference on Illegal Immigration, Border Security and Crime
How conservative is Alito?
This is not Watergate, Democrats prematurely circling the wagons
From Miers to Alito
Conservatives eat one of their own
Confirm Ruth Bader Ginsberg with 96 votes but not Miers?
Hang in there Harriet Miers
Where is all the conservative praise for Miers’ pro-life position?
Miers sailing through confirmation hearings
The problem with most political cricitism
Attacks on Miers turning more hostile
Yes, newspapers are being replaced by the new media
Is sexism involved in the criticism of Harriet Miers?
Sneering on the left about Harriet Miers
Thomas Sowell touting Harriet Miers
Harriet Miers’ qualifications and more
Jim Gilchrist and illegal immigration
Illegal Immigration Solution Must Focus on Costs
Book Review of The People v Harvard Law
A Conservative Woman Analyzes Larry Summers’ Remarks About Women
Book Review of Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror
Will Lapse of the Assault Weapons Ban Lead to More Columbines?
Why Kerry Supporters are Little More than Anti-Bush
Balancing out the Democratic Ticket: A Wealthy Attorney Picks Another Wealthy Attorney
Protect Arizona Now: A Moderate Solution that Fixes Immigration Instead of Preventing it 
Why Kerry is Winning the Democratic Nomination
Prejudging Bush in Iraq
The Ten Commandments Lawsuits: Successfully Eroding the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment
The Problem With Today’s Feminism
Interview on Hisside.com radio show discussing feminism
How to Beat Microsoft
The New Conservative Divide: Paleocons v. Neocons
Comparing the Threat of North Korea with the Threat of Iraq
The Problem with Immigration is not the Immigrants
Liberal Moral Relativist Theory Misses the Plain Truth of the Bible
Should Conservatives Support a War Against Iraq?
Why the Left is So Afraid of Bill O’Reilly
Does Raising Taxes and Increasing Spending Aid Economic Recovery?
Child Custody: Where Men Hit a Glass Ceiling
Sudan: Today’s Ignored Holocaust
What’s Really Happening in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Jail
How Liberal is John McCain?
It’s All Morally Relative – End Support to Israel 
Want to Work at the DOJ? Check Your Religion at the E-Door 
Debate on the existence of God 
Do you know your Rights Concerning the Police? 
Maybe the Antitrust Laws are Wrong, not Microsoft 
In Defense of Christianity 
The False Compassion of the Left
Bulldozing over the Law in Kosovo
The Myth of Mental Gender Differences 
Should we Ban Guns? 
The Invention of Substantive Due Process 
Darwinian Dogma 
The Separation of Church and State 
Shallow Differences Between Republicans and Democrats 
Libertarianism: An Alternative Political Option 
Ethnic Studies
Government is not your mother
The New Campus Minority
UA may be breaking the law by offering the morning after pill 
The Regents’ Anti Self-Defense Policy: No Guns on Campus 
The Whole Truth Behind the Dornan-Sanchez Race 
Smartcard: A Dumb Move
What the UA doesn’t want you to know (yet they’re willing to share YOUR information with everyone else)
Is Shakespeare Sexist? Top ASU Professor to be Fired for Teaching the Classics 
Christos on Evolution
Staff editorial on tax credits for private schools
Staff editorial on mandatory funding of campus political groups
Gore’s Gaffes: Dan Quayle is no longer the dumbest Vice-President
The IRS: More Corrupt and Oppressive than ever 
Hugh Grant, High Crimes and Misdemeanors 
Symington: Beyond the Superficial Glance 
Read My Lips: What Clinton Stands For
Clinton: It’s about Perjury 
Should we be Panicking over Y2K?

Global Warming Alarmists Suffer Glacier-Sized Setbacks

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