Random Thoughts on the Coronavirus Part Five: Colorado Shuts Down and $2 Trillion in aid

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It was bound to happen.

Colorado State Governor Jared Polis finally decided to shut down Colorado except for “essential business.” All the Polis, Democrat believers are in support of this. Why? Cause the Democrats are the party of the people, equality and the vision as laid out by the likes of John Lennon and humanist writer John Blaney and good golly Miss Molly; the Democrats truly appeal to these people really bad.

I have to give Polis some credit, this lockdown will only last two weeks and one day. Of course that could change and be extended given the caseload regarding the COVID-19 virus, but I think since last year, Polis and the Colorado Democrats were put on notice when TABOR (the Tax Payer Bill Of Rights ) was upheld by the Colorado voters. Colorado may be a blue state, and Denver-Boulder might be holding the cards (Greeley and Fort Collins too) but that does not mean its guaranteed lock like it is in California and New York. However the younger generations who have been indoctrinated by the progressives that dominate our education system are trying to make sure Colorado is a lock while they continue to flip red states like Texas and Georgia. Personally I think Polis is shutting down Colorado at this time so that he can get a piece of the government cheese in the virus relief bill once its finalized and signed by President Trump.

Republicans, you lost Cally, New York State, and Colorado only because you chose to be a crony capitalist if not socialist lite, soft left political party. The Bush Family and the Republican leadership at the state and federal levels basically have betrayed their conservative base, and unlike the parishioners of the progressive movement and Democrat party, a select view will not go along with the GOP’s soft left agenda and nor will they go along with certain personalities of the GOP who choose to brush them off. If we lose this country to the Democrats, it will be the fault of a political party who choose to do a little wrong for personal gain the expense of the American People. It will not be the fault of those who choose to fear God and protest the wickedness in government…period, contrary to those who hold water for the GOP.

Speaking of the Democrats, they decided to play a long game with a coronavrus aid bill. Their may not be a Green New Deal within it as of this writing but their are other goodies that is making the left salivate. The overall price tag on the bill is $2 Trillion. Here is few of the goodies that the Democrats and their progressives allies and friends will be getting with the current bill as of this writing.

$75 million will be allocated to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting so they can write more checks to not just PBS member stations but to the major NPR News/Talk outlets nationwide…and then some. Just so that you know NPR Member station KUOW in Seattle is not airing in full, the daily task force briefings conducted by the Trump administration. Don’t tell me that American public broadcasting is not biased or truly objective. Catering to their left wing audience perhaps, but please don’t tell me your objective. You are doing what Walter Cronkite and his leftist ilk did for years, no different than Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Paul Harvey did on behalf of the right.

$150 million will be allocated to National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

$50 million for the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

$25 million for the Kennedy Center.

Sadly in the political world their has to be true compromise and this is truly a compromise. Just how long will it be till the progressive agenda finally tanks America. The next time such a crisis arises and the progressives are in charge of the White House, their dreams of making America into another Soviet Union, People’s Republic of China, etc could very well come true.

Well Republicans; what are going to do? Embrace honest conservatism or just die and take the money and run while your country crashes and burns complements of the Democratic Party and their allies.

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