Random Thoughts on the Coronavirus Part Six: The Bill of Rights STILL MATTER!

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After Listening to the March 27, 2020 Generations podcast with Kevin Swanson, it seems that his church out in Elizabeth, Colorado along with his guest Scott Brown who is the director of the National Center of Family Integrated Churches will comply with the lock downs imposed on them by their respective states…for the time being. Unlike other churches who will comply and likely will never revolt should certain local governors decide to test the water and unleash the inner tyrant, Swanson and Brown are being vigilant regarding the civil magistrate.

Romans 13: 1-7 calls on Christian believers to submit to the civil magistrate and reminding them that they are indeed ordained by God. We indeed do that for as long as they are doing things that are truly God honoring and don’t seek to trample if not downright steal the people’s freedoms, liberties, their children or property. Certain people that are serving in government may indeed be either tempted or have planed a strategy already to seize permanent power.
Their will always will be people that will challenge the first ten amendments to our U.S. Constitution.

On my personal Facebook I made this confession;

Be glad I am not President of the USA. I would not only order a national lockdown but I would keep America in lock down for a very long time for as long as I could.

Maybe then people will realize I have been self isolating myself ALL MY LIFE!!!! I could finally unleash my inner monster at last.

Sure I may have scared my friends off a bit, but let it serve as an omen to us all. People are NOT BASICALLY GOOD…contrary to what the late Anne Frank said. Her own death at the hands of the Jew hating, Hitler loyal Nazis prove otherwise. If I had the money and the status that many of our political leaders, journalists and entertainers have; I would be acting no different than they are. Sure I might have my causes and do good in certain areas, but I think I would allow my dysfunctions get the best of me if knew I could get away with them. May I also remind you that our own progressives back in the late 1930’s and early 40’s actually had Hitler’s back…including The Gray Lady herself…The New York Times.

Couple that with my dealings with certain people who misunderstood and decided that they wanted nothing to do with me and just bullied and shunned me, it really does screw up your ego, don’t think otherwise. It makes me feed on what my friend Sparky calls feeding the Bad Wolf (partly inspired by a story arc in the Doctor Who series and partly inspired by my Alma mater’s (Colorado State University-Pueblo) mascot the Thunderwolf).

But by the Grace of God, I have been placed among the “serfs” and as such I know what can happen to such a person. So did our founders.

Respected Bible teach John MacArthur takes Romans 13: 1-7 so literally he would roll over and let the government do what it likes, even if its downright evil. The first ten amendments to our U.S. Constitution is not a statement to us, but rather to our government regarding what they can’t do to the people.

The First Amendment says that government can’t establish a state church but can’t prohibit the church from speaking either…in spite of certain progressives (especially calling themselves Freethinkers, Atheists, etc; who really are at war with God himself) twisting its language and using Thomas Jefferson’s Danbury Baptist letter, in which they insert that into the First Amendment. It also calls for a free press, which the Democrat Party press machine hides behind to its advantage. Still the importance of free speech and free exchange of ideals is promoted here and our government would love to stifle that.

The Second Amendment talks about a well regulated militia needed to protect the free state, and of course the right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed.

The Third Amendment declares that property owners have to right to deny any soldier living in their homes at any time, including a time of war. Now what if that soldier wants to take your daughter and marry her, even if she does not really love this soldier as the soldier uses her for his own sexual gratification. Would someone like a MacArthur allow for this? Many others would object big time.

The Fourth Amendment declares that government can not search a person’s private property unless they are allowed in the house by the owner or if they get a search warrant by the court.

The later six commandments of the Ten Commandments tell Jews and Christians alike not to steal, covet, and murder. All these commandments in part inspired our U.S. Constitution as God given rights. The first four commandments deal with the believer and God and that is also key in self governance, for its God that holds us accountable for our actions.

Our country needs to be run by people that fear God or have a fear of the Law of God. Without either/or, our country will be run by people who will indeed try to take the place of God and either try to better him or worse abuse other people’s property and liberties. We must keep an eye on our leaders during the COVID-19 crisis and make sure they don’t make an attempt to steal the liberty and freedom that we still have.

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  • mlopez

    Democrats and the media were pedaling double hard to create panic and discontent over the virus. Trump saw it coming and kicked the stool out from under them and then, he faltered and permitted himself to be rolled with the stimulus bill in order to get reelected. It was a mistake. He should have instructed the Republican congress to stand firm. Let the Democrats hold up financial stimulus in favor of partisan pork, if that’s what they wish. The American public would have found it instructive. Instead, Trump will is now seen as complicit with the Democrats, which he is. This was always his crisis to do what he would from start to finish.

    More than money, what Trump needs to do is to open America for business again. Send the country back to work with whatever border, industry specific guide lines and airline restrictions deemed necessary.

    When the young, strong and healthy get sick, they recover. The old and those with preexisting health conditions can be advised to continue to hunker down and shelter in place. Take all necessary precautions for at risk populations. Establish different and appropriate industry guidelines, but open the country up for business. We are told 50,00 to 80,000 people, depending on who you listen to, died of the flu this last year. That happens every year yet we don’t shut the country down, now do we? An over abundance of caution was not unwarranted. Now it’s time to rectify it.

    This was an overly Draconian reaction to pandemic. It was more about Trump, the Democrats and the media criticism which was shamelessly attempting to create panic and public discontent. Now Trump desperate to alleviate that, which he himself helped effect has fed the Democrats the better part of a trillion dollars worth of pork. Maybe we should send guns and ammunition to China as well, or give the Mexican cartels nuclear weapons while we’re at it? Trump got rolled on this stimulus bill and we who supported him are betrayed. I’m disgusted.

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