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UN Women Shakes and Bakes Abuse Statistics to Push Radical Feminist Agenda

UN Women uses "opposing violence" as cover for funneling taxpayer money into left-wing activist organizations and social engineering attacks on cultures throughout the world

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Arizona Republic Employees Say They Lament the Gradual Decline of the Newspaper

For Arizona conservatives, it's been enjoyable watching the demise of the left-wing Arizona Republic, where the staff probably sits around every morning in editorial meetings plotting which right winger to bash and smear

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The authoritarian government has instituted a Permanent Pandemic, designed to keep the population under its firm control. Are you going to accept this BS, or are you going to fight back?

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The Right's Love Affair with Kyrsten Sinema and the Elephant in the Room

Yes, we can be grateful to Sinema for blocking far left bills from her party. But she’s only doing it in order to get reelected in a red state, deep down she is still a lefty and not someone we should be fawning all over.

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Arizona Attorney General Brnovich Responds to Reporter Asking If He’s Had the Vaccine: ‘Have You Had an STD?’

During a press conference announcing his lawsuit with police officers and firefighters against the city of Phoenix over its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich was asked by a reporter whether

White House Plans for Education Include Presumption of Guilt and “Critical Feminism”

White House "Gender Equity" policies include anti-male bias in K-12 discipline and radical feminism's equivalent of "Critical Race Theory."

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Sojourner Truth: The Forgotten History of the Slave Who Fought For Women's Rights
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  • 11/26/2021

An outspoken black woman who escaped slavery was radical enough for the early 1800s, but also a leader in the abolitionist and women’s rights movement

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Decrease in Marriage Continues a Spiraling Wave of Problems, and Churches are AWOL

Over 60 years after the decline of marriage began in the 1960s due to the rise of the “free love” mentality, the results are more dismal than ever.

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