Embrace Revisionist History at Your Peril, America.

In response to the New York Times’ 1619 Project, I want to warn my readers about the dangers of revisionist history. It’s high time I address this because of the radical standards of virginal purity far left-wing academics and demagogues employ to eliminate critics of their ‘woke’ agenda. It bears strikingly similarities to the carnage […]


Arming and training teachers and school staff is an effort that is not taken lightly. The reality is that arming volunteer school staff can prevent school shootings.

It has become […]

How We Elect: A Decaying Republic’s Broken System (Part One)

On Friday, February 14, I received the following email message from Dr. Lerah Lee’s campaign to seek a House seat in D.C:

When I started this campaign for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, I was determined […]

Protecting Democracy by Trolling for Trump-haters?

If there’s one thing Democrats understand, it’s the science of propaganda. They’ve been using one of the basic propaganda tools for three years. Joseph Goebbels explained it like this: “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it…” After years of relentlessly repeating those empty claims that Donald Trump is a racist, xenophobic, […]

Political Suicide in Slow Motion

Niguel Farage had, as usual, a good way to phrase it. In his final address to the European Union’s parliament, he stated that he loves Europe but hates the EU. Although astonished, your correspondent must subscribe to this assessment.

Why be surprised by my own “surprise”? Just before the Stalin era ended, at the […]

Why certain Pro-Lifers and Abortion Abolitionists oppose Birth Control

Image result for birth Control

Another March For Life came and went and President Donald Trump might be coming around on the issue. I honestly have my doubts on this, but unlike other past Presidents he is the first to actually make an appearance. Not even Ronald Reagan himself […]

Deep State Mayor Pete: Could Former Naval Intelligence Officer Pete Buttigieg Be a CIA Asset?

Pete ButtigiegFormer South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a rising star in the Democratic Party. A mere year ago, few could have picked him out of a police lineup. Now […]

Maricopa County Assessor Resigns, Under Prosecution for Human Trafficking. But the Facts May Say Otherwise.

You’ve successfully conducted adoptions since 2005. But suddenly, in 2019, prosecutors come after you, claiming you are engaging in human trafficking. What drastically changed over 14 years? This is the nightmare that has happened to […]

Surprise Medical Bill Legislation Opens Door to Medicare for All

It sounds good, eliminating “surprise” medical bills that patients sometimes receive from hospitals and providers when their services aren’t covered by insurance. This happens sometimes when patients go to a hospital or emergency […]

Where are the Prosecutions for Fast and Furious?

It’s been about 10 years since the public discovered Fast and Furious, the gun walking operation conducted by the ATF under the Obama administration. The ATF arranged for straw buyers to purchase guns […]

All Nonprofits Should be Terrified of This New Court Decision

If you raise money for a nonprofit, but don’t finish all of the projects you were raising it for, you could go to prison for 10 years. This is no exaggeration. This is what happened […]

Two Arizona School Districts Promoting Racial Divisions and Social Justice

Two school districts in the Phoenix, Arizona area have implemented educational programs promoting racial divisions and social justice. The two programs attack students on the basis of their skin color and other characteristics. […]

Time to Withdraw Frivolous Obama-era Discrimination Lawsuits Against Companies

They only had ten weeks. If they wanted to strike, they had to do it then. Between the day Donald Trump was elected and the day he entered office, the Obama administration filed a flurry of […]

Sarah Lawrence Parent Who Ran Cult Indicted for Sex Trafficking and More

We think it just happens overseas. In places like Russia and Saudi Arabia. Places with a low view of women and a low view of human dignity. But it happens here. Women […]

Could Republicans Expunge Trump’s Impeachment?

Donald Trump speaks at the First in the Nation Leadership Summit in Nashua, NH, on April 18, 2015; Shutterstock ID 283689917; Purchase Order: ccg

“They should, because it […]

Conservative Journalists Beware? A Major One Had His Car Broken Into and Laptop Stolen

Investigative reporter John Solomon is well known for his news-breaking articles, including revealing the FISA abuse scandal and exposing the Bidens’ connections to Ukraine. He has been an executive and […]

As Predicted, Virginia Legislature Passes an Alarming Number of Gun Control Bills

Virginia gun owners sounded the alarm last fall. They knew what would happen when the Democrats won majorities in the state House and Senate. A Democratic-controlled legislature would pass gun […]

A Tale of Disingenuous Trolling


In the culture, there are so many underlying tensions and outright anger in the culture of 2020. The obvious is that movies will be used as pawns for political ideologies. This […]

Why We Must Push Back Against “Climate Change” Hysteria

The other day I filmed a short video catalogued in my website archive (semperluxmundi.org) under “A Culture of Slanders and Slurs”. The library of about two dozen videos now addresses […]

Vote or Else: Political Strong-Arming in California

Source: JohnALancaster.com

Bay area assemblyman Marc Levine (D) claims “California is a national leader on expanding voting rights to its citizens. Those rights come with a responsibility by registered voters to cast their ballot and make sure that their voice is heard by their government.” Levine is so insistent of this responsibility that he brought […]

Jewish Settlers for Sanders, Go Bernie Go!

I’ve heard “some people” talk about starting a “Jewish Settlers for Bernie” or “Settlers for Sanders” group in Israel. All those Jewish American citizens living in Judea and Samaria and elsewhere in Israel (according to the Palestinians, all Jews in Israel are settlers), who want to […]

The 2020 SOTU Speech: Trump Scored a Home Run

Image result for sotu speech 2020

I was busy wrapping up my series of pieces on Beauty and how conservatives and people of faith can fight for it, coupled with the Super Bowl LIV show and the big Latina statement which made it OK for pushing sexual boundaries…or so […]

Oscars 2020: The Cabal Strikes Again

The Oscars, or the Academy of Arts and Sciences, is always a time for the elite, not the poor. The poor have to watch while Hollywood honors the films that rarely have the most box office […]

Flooding Preparedness: A Guide to Flood Survival

Flooding Preparedness: A Guide to Flood SurvivalIn the United States, you’re more likely to experience a flood than any other natural emergency. It’s the country’s most common natural disaster, and many people don’t realize they’re at risk until it’s too late.

For those who don’t think massive floods happen where they […]

How to Take a Wrong Turn on the Climb to Heaven

Ever since I passed along to him a short anthology of Near Death Experiences compiled by a practicing physician, my son has sustained a lively exchange with me on the subject. Being young, he is impressed […]

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