The DACA Debacle Continues

The DACA debacle continues. Although President Trup did mark a date in March for DACA to be fixed, the progressive socialist Democrats want the problem “fixed” now.

It goes without saying that the progressive socialist Democrats do not care for the American people. From the military to National Parks and all other government functions are […]

Confirmed: Twitter Shadowbans Conservatives

Twitter has been “shadowbanning” conservative accounts, as some have recently charged. Project Veritas secretly videotaped several Twitter employees admitting to hiding conservative tweets from […]

Replacing the Mainstream Media

We complain about how biased the so-called mainstream media is but what do we do about it? CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS dominate […]

Violent Victim States and the World Order

Oddly, a major peril faced by the USA specifically, and Western Civilization generally, is not singularly external, but chiefly internal. Americans might disregard foreign affairs, however, in her case too, internal and external affairs […]

The DACA Debacle

Once again, the DACA debacle continues to play out. The progressive socialist Democrat Party and corporate sycophants continue to talk of the DACA kids are all high valued in the culture of this country. After a look at this comments by the Center of Immigration Studies prove that much of these comments are false.

CIS […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news – what left-wing academia thinks about fake news, more

A Familiar Pattern at the IRS

One of the hallmarks of the American identity is the belief that the American people can trust our government to be fair and honest. To undermine this legitimacy would be the death knell of this republic. The weaponization of any portion of our government for an ideology and the use of taxpayer money of meet […]

Inauguration Protesters Claim That Vandalism is Free Speech

In what has become known as the #J20 trials, six defendants are standing trial for their actions on President Donald Trump’s inauguration day – January 20. Six defendants ― Jennifer Armento, Alexei Wood, Oliver Harris, Michelle Macchio, Brittne Lawson and Christina Simmons ― were among the 234-people arrested en masse during protests, and the first […]

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The United States of What?

An argument is being pandered to the credulous in the debate that determines Europe’s and the Atlantic Alliance’s future. Only superficially is this a European matter: the United States is invoked, and the outcome […]

Time to Start Imagineering a Post-Ayatollah Iran

A concerted effort on the part of Iranian citizens rioting, backed by cyber warfare, American air-power, and Israeli counterintelligence operations, would succeed in taking down the brutal Iranian regime. The hour of truth […]

Trump’s Sneakily Successful First Year

While the left complained nonstop about Trump’s tweeting and boisterous language, Trump buckled down and accomplished an incredible amount during his first […]

All I Want for Christmas

If I could have anything I want for Christmas, this is what would be on my list for Santa Claus. First of all, I […]

This Week in Sexual Harassment News

Let Mueller Continue His Witchhunt

Democrat flack Adam Schiff, the leaker to CNN from the house committee meetings continues to wave the flag of Russia-Trump collusion knowing full well there is nothing there. Even after most of the Deep State players have moved on from collusion to obstruction innuendo against Trump, weasel Schiff continues to battle on, fighting windmills.

The […]

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Clinton and Aide Struck Deal to Keep ‘Muslim Engagement Documents,’ Other Files Hidden From Public

Records created while in government are subject to Freedom Of Information Act requests unless there is a valid exemption. Or, apparently, your name is […]

Efforts to Get Illegal Immigrant Smugglers – Not Illegals – Go Too Far

A young handyman in southern Arizona has been charged with allegedly smuggling illegal immigrants. There’s just one problem. The evidence overwhelmingly shows he was […]

IC Editor Rachel Alexander moves up to 27 in RWN’s 40 Best Conservative Columnists

40) Susan Stamper Brown 39) Larry Elder 38) Andrew Malcolm 37) Mollie Hemingway 36) John Ziegler 35) Karol Markowicz 34) Michael Brendan Dougherty 33) Erick Erickson 32) […]

Treating Peace Process Delusional Disorder in Israel and Worldwide

Peace Process Delusional Disorder (PPDD), the obsessive and delusional drive to create an dangerous Arab/Islamic state in the Land of Israel, has plagued many leaders and activists throughout the world, and in Israel, […]

Facebook, Twitter and Google/YouTube Censoring Christians

“Chillingly, a growing censorship of Christian and politically conservative viewpoints on the internet is happening in America and across the globe.” That’s from the […]

VIDEO: IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news – CNN caught again, it’s not people with conservative belief systems who are gullible and more

Internal Corruption Driving the DOJ and FBI Investigations of Trump

It seems that by the day a new report comes out exposing ethical conflicts, wrongdoing and corruption within the FBI and DOJ’s probe of […]

Surprisingly, Republicans and Conservatives Shouldn’t Fear a National Popular Vote

Republicans are hesitant to switch from our winner-take-all state laws allocating electors to the electoral college to using the National Popular Vote. The National […]

Megyn Kellys Revenge

This week has been an orgy of sexual harassment charges against various celebrities, politicians and even chefs. Men have been made to be villains as a group, and women are flocking to the #MeToo hashtag to tell all sorts of sordid stories of the inhumanity of men. One of those, Al Franken, a senator from […]