The Laws of Creativity

We have always heard the idea of rules for creativity. They are all based on what some writers have to live by personally themselves. The outlook of it is rather […]

Video: History of MBI Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of the MBI Ammo brand is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you:

You can also check it out on our MBI Ammo brand page, on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook – or on these Second Amendment video sharing sites: UGETube and GunStreamer.


How Dumb Must Millennials Be–Buying Into Socialism and Communism?


…It is a sobering reminder of how successful the propaganda of the leftist media and higher education system has been when one realizes that socialism is viewed by nearly half […]

Veterans Day: The Forgotten History of America’s Veterans Day and What It Commemorates

Veterans Day The Forgotten History

Veterans Day, celebrated each year on November 11th, was first celebrated on this same date in 1919, under the name of Armistice Day. The […]

Jordan Isn’t Palestine, Its Part of Eretz Yisrael

Some misguided Jews on the political right, have promoted for the last forty years, the idea that, “Jordan is Palestine.” Jordan isn’t Palestine, its part of the promised Land of Israel. And, peace with Arab states that occupy parts of the Jewish people’s inheritance, is a […]

Even the Best take a loss, but you must keep going

Image may contain: 1 person, standingImage result for tommy oliver power rangers

Writer’s Note: This summer I wrote a piece on Katie Ledecky’s illness during the FINA world championships in Gwangju, South Korea. Ledecky is a distance swimmer and is known for pulling […]

Racist Democrats, “The View” held to account, and classic Tom & Jerry Cartoons

Related imageImage may contain: 6 people

With Ralph Shearer Northam still holding the governorship in Virginia, Joe Biden’s remarks in 1975 (only being exposed by Mark Levin) supporting certain segregation because its the blacks who choose to do so, and Joy Behar looking like a beautiful […]

“Journalistic Standards” Have ALWAYS Been About Lies, and–In Some Cases–Advancing Causes.

So-Called, “Journalistic Standards,” seem to have almost always been concerned with journalism as an “engine” of agendas. How could it not?

7C01485E-93FD-48B3-B6E1-12353AF0B0E2The Real Face Of USA General George Washington. Reconstructed.

From the moment that the colonials received word of […]

Let Each Day’s Worries Suffice Unto Itself

Before you know it, everyone will be casting a nostalgic eye back over 2019. Thanksgiving, incredibly, looms less than three weeks away. Then Christmas. Then… well, you know.

I began my year […]

The Impeachment is a Fraud

The impeachment debacle continues. It seems to be boiling down to the fact that career bureaucrats have the impression that it is they who set foreign policy. These same bureaucrats want to control our President and the decisions that he makes.

What are the reasons for this breach of Justice?

Wanting the keep the impeachment […]

Video: History of 22 WMR Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of the 22 WMR ammo cartridge is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you:

You can also check it out on our 22 WMR ammo caliber page, on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook – or on these Second Amendment video sharing sites: UGETube and […]

Not so long ago, when we knew who we were. And which restroom to use.

Movie Usher



There was a time…. ….Not so long ago, when we knew who we were. And we knew what rest-room to use. America was Good. Communism, […]

Media downplays statements by Barack Obama on Cancel/Woke Culture

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I am not a fan of Barack Obama and unless the man truly has a Come to Jesus moment, chances are I am not going to love him in the near future. The man truly brought America one step closer to a point of […]

Will Darwin Be Canceled From Our ‘Woke’ Culture?

British biographer A.N. Wilson mocked hypocritical atheists on the Left “who would like us to believe that if you do not worship Darwin, you are some kind of nutter” in his op-ed for the British newspaper The Evening Standard on August 17, 2017, where he correctly assessed that Darwin “has become an object of veneration […]

Zombieland: Double tap review

This may come as no surprise to the people who watch movies, but it seems that two things have become apart of the culture at large. Zombies and Marvel. The Walking Dead has been on for more than […]

Power Preparedness: A Survival Guide For Power Failure

Power OutageForget about the world coming to an end. Imagine the power grid getting knocked out for two weeks. That’s two weeks without refrigerated food and, in most places, two weeks without water, as most […]

SCOTUS turns a blind eye to a legit Church/State Separation-Religious Liberty Case

Image result for Caleigh Wood

The Supreme Court of The United States has been a flakely court when it comes to the issues of freedom of religion in recent years. While it recently ruled in favor of Denver based cake decorator and baker Jack Phillips somewhat in the case […]

“Corrupted Mind/World Interface”: The Black Plague of Our Time (Part II)

Let me cut to the chase. The following observations appear to me to indicate the presence of “Corrupted Mind/Body Interface” in our midst, and especially among our young people. I submit (and you can scroll back to my […]

George Soros Calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Most Qualified to Be President’ and Vows to Stop Trump

Elite billionaire George Soros announced in a recent interview that 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is “the most qualified to be president.” He called her the prominent person to beat.

He […]

Profile Defenders Guaranteed Removal Service Lets You Delete The Internet You Don’t Like

If you feel life is stressful and the attacks against you or your company is tough then you’re propably right. Did you know that suicide rates from 2007-2017 are up over 56%?

The world feels like it’s crumbling and […]

The Leftist Profile

An accurate profile can accurately predict certain behaviors. To construct an accurate profile of most Leftists, all you need to do is consider what motivates them. (By the way—to clarify: I am talking about “Leftists” here, most of whom are assuredly not “Liberals.” “Liberals” believe in the free and open exchange of ideas. Instead of […]

The Impeachment Debacle Will Fail

The Media Shills

It is time for Americans to be honest with themselves. The media, in its rush for impeachment, are lying to us. They pushed the Russian collusion hoax for two and a half years and ended up with nothing. Having already set up the Ukrainian hoax with the assistance of Pencil neck Schiff, […]

Humanity and Halloween

The continuation of society as a whole has nothing to gain from being connected. The idea of being connected is the idea that destroying ourselves so that we can gain a few more minutes […]

St. Yitzhak Rabin Day is Coming to Israel Again…

St. Rabin Day is coming again to Israel. If you’re on the political right, its time to run and hide before you’re accused of incitement to murder.

Or maybe a million or two, brave men and women, should hold a quite vigil by the Knesset, on […]

Destructive Criticism

Oh, the things you can say on Twitter to get you in trouble. It’s really hard to mention that everyone online thinks they know everything. When one person is being […]

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