The Torah’s National Structure in the Jewish Nation-State of Israel

This week’s Torah reading is Parshat Shoftim, yet just a few weeks ago, the Jewish people observed Tisha B’Av, mourning the destruction of the first and second temples. It seems God gave us some more time to learn all the laws of the Beit HaMikdash. […]

Profiles in Treason James Comey Part 3

The FBI, for most of its service, was always considered a respected institution. Even President Trump considered the FBI the “Crown Jewel” of law enforcement. What the opposition and media are all up in arms about is that the President has the right to fire any executive department official for reason, or for no reason […]

Profiles in Treason James Comey Part 2

The last column discussed the malfeasance and ignorance shown by James Comey and Robert Mueller that allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate our government and culture. From the formation of Jamaat al Fuqra (MOA) to the purging of all references to Islamic terror in FBI training, our country was being systematically destroyed by decisions that […]

The Ailing Alliance

At the close of the world war, following Japan’s defeat with the “miracle-weapon”, the United States emerged as the “Superpower”. Previous history has not known a “superpower” only “great powers”. “Superpower” is a word in the singular and “Great Powers” is a plural. The designation describes equals. It suggests an equality shared on a high […]

Profiles in Treason James Comey Part 1

The Federal Bureau of Investigation under James Comey was weaponized to assist I the destruction of the rule of law. He has placed American lives at risk because of his willingness to overlook the Muslim danger our nation is in. His incompetence has been in full view. The picture that the media presents of an […]

Profiles of Treason – James Clapper

James Clapper was named the director of national Intelligence in 2010 by President Obama. The American people were told that Clapper understood the importance of working with Congress and to keep Congress informed.

The words of Obama have not been borne out. We now know of the perjury before Congress that Clapper performed. James Clapper […]

Eight Corrupt Tactics Used Against Trump Were Used Against Rep. Rick Renzi

If you believe the establishment and the mainstream media, then you’re supposed to believe that there’s no such thing as the deep state, that there’s simply no way people like James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok would […]

Profiles in Treason : John Brennan

CIA officials, including the upper echelons, are required to be apolitical. The main purpose of the CIA is to gather intelligence on America’s enemies and guarantee the safety and security of the citizens of this country. The administration of CIA chief John Brennan came nowhere near meeting this standard. Brennan used the CIA to lies […]

Conservatives Dreading a Martha McSally Senate Win in Arizona

After Arizona Senator Jeff Flake announced he was not running for reelection to the U.S. Senate, three prominent candidates entered the race. One is conservative Kelli Ward, a former state legislator who ran unsuccessfully for Senate […]

The Left’s Craziness is Backfiring and Helping Trump

Ever since Donald Trump became president, the left has acted as if the world is falling apart. But the overreaction isn’t convincing people. Trump’s approval rating has gone up6 percent since the […]

Leaked Memo: ACLU Weighing ‘Interests’ Over the Constitution

The ACLU won’t look to the Constitution to determine what rights to defend. A leaked memo gives the group’s revised criteria for accepting new legal cases. It lists certain competing “interests” and attempts […]

Photos Suggest Shared Shadiness

Hiding pictures of Democrats socializing with the infamous

Almost 2,500 years ago Greek fabulist Aesop sagely advised, “A man is known by the company he keeps”. A modern analogy is seen in whom […]

Help that Hurts

Begin by becoming your own guinea pig to discover whether you are a socialist. Start that experiment with predictable results, with a premise. Make it: “historically there have been too many poor people, and even today, the number of the destitute is abnormally high”. Is your […]


The preservation of the Jews is really one of the most single and illustrious acts of divine Providence… and what but a supernatural power could have preserved them in such a manner as no other nation upon earth […]

More Sneaky Things Than You Think Take Place Behind the Scenes in Politics

Those who have never worked in government often suspect that more unethical activity than we know of occurs behind the scenes. But they’re never really sure about much of it. A […]

Dealing with the enemy

By now, everyone who is not living under a rock has heard of “Mad Max” Maxine waters and her call to ramp up the violence against our President and his supporters. We all know of the violence being perpetrated against members of this administration. We have seen Trump supporters getting the MAGA hats that President […]

The Left-wing Paradise of San Francisco

Represented in Congress by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and run for years by almost all Democrats, San Francisco should be a mecca for the left. But the city is fast becoming one of […]

Tipping Point? #WalkAway Movement Picking up Steam Among Democrats

The Democratic party has lurched to the left, and some long-time Democrats don’t like it. Some now look at the party and bail out. It’s not their party anymore. Would FDR recognize the […]

The Left is Trying to Eliminate the Phrase ‘Fake News’

President Trump likes to use the phrase “fake news” to label biased news stories by the left-leaning media. That’s changing how the public views the media. The negative association has resulted […]

The Demise of the Socialist Democrats

The Democrat Party is a shell of its former self. Once the Democrat Party spoke for the common man and the experiences that that common man endured in the accomplishment of the dreams they had. The Democratic Party of today is one of the tyranny of thought and an adamant concern for conformity. No longer […]

Muscles in Brussels: President Donald Trump and the Europeans’ Double-Crossing Game

One of my favorite TV channels is Memorable Entertainment Television (MeTV) because of its reruns of American TV popular shows of the ‘50s until the ‘90s.

But what I watched on Fox […]

Democrats and Illegal Immigrants Work to Destroy our Country

The progressive leftist wing of the Democrat Party has spent the time since President Trump’s inauguration embracing the like of the violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter movement. Working in concert with such elements as George Soros, a man whose only goal is the destroy the United States and his puppet Obama and his traitorous […]

Trapped to Allow Subversion to Exploit Our Freedoms?

Several news sources reported that on the last day of June competing rallies were held in Portland, OR. The encounter brought violence. Since an “Antifa” detachment appeared to block a march it disapproved, the news is no surprise.

The purpose of this piece is not […]

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement: The Beginning of a New Era

On Wednesday, June 27, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, effective July 31, giving President Trump the chance to appoint a second conservative judge in his second year of […]

IC Editor Rachel Alexander on fake news about Maxine Waters, more


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