COVID-19 thoughts Part 13: Dealing with COVD-19 the Progressive Way but not the Biblical Way

Image may contain: drawingProgressivism and the Tea Party Movement – The Shortsighted New Yorker

Steve Deace made a great point in his April 2 piece regarding COVID-19 and why everything was shut down and the healthy along with the sick are put in […]

COVID-19 thoughts Part 12: Even more money for CPB and Pseudo-government Media

Media Confidential: Trump's Proposed Budget To Eliminate PBS, NPR ...

In the recent stimulus bill, $75 Million was set aside for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which was created in the late 1960’s under then President Lyndon Johnson. The CPB in part helped create the modern Public Broadcasting Service or PBS for […]

Creating a Plague to Treat a Virus

We are becoming beggars of our own demise. As the country and the world focus on the Wuhan coronavirus, the determining factor for all public policy is on trying to […]

The Cure is Worse Than the Disease


Right now, in response to what is routinely called and viewed as an epidemic of the coronavirus, most states in the country have enacted increasingly severe restrictions on the movements and daily lives […]

The Middle Ages and Our Time

Some terms are frequently and thoughtlessly used. When a word becomes popular it is in danger of being abused. “Fascist” is a case that explains the intended point. Strictly speaking, a fascist is one who, in the tradition of its Italian inventors, place the assumed interests […]

Tyranny: The Other Malignant Terror Sweeping the Nation

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

Rahm Emanuel

“Reflections on the Middle Kingdom”


In ancient China a map of the world was drawn and labeled “The Middle Kingdom”. In their view China was located in the center of the world. All of the other people of the earth constituted a peripheral outer ring of lesser beings. Like all other cultures which lack a universal concept of morality […]

Rationing during WWII and now amid Covid-19

As a student of World War II history, I have become fascinated with how our Home Front dealt with the shortages and rationing that followed the U.S.’s entry into the […]

Darwinism Is Such a Buzzkill

Darwinism Is Such a Buzzkill

By Michael A. Starvaggi

I was on my way up the escalator at the local mall not long ago (back in those magical pre-virus days) and saw a man with […]

Tsunami Preparedness: A Seismic Wave Survival Guide

Tsunami Preparedness: A Seismic Wave Survival GuideOf all the potential terrifying disasters, tsunamis are probably pretty low on your list. And for those living in the United States, that’s a justified analysis. In fact, the East Coast of the U.S. is at a very low risk of a tsunami and even […]

A Biblical Perspective on Civil Disobedience in the Context of Coronavirus Pandemic Lock-down Protocols

So, what should we think about the Louisiana pastor who has been defiantly violating the governor’s ban on assemblies larger than ten people? Should Christians follow his example, or should they cooperate with the government’s orders forbidding assemblies?

It is fair and legitimate to evaluate this question by examining the foundational document of the institution […]

WaPo Bashes Homeschooling During Coronavirus Epidemic

Kevin Huffman, a former education commissioner of Tennessee and partner at a nonprofit which promotes public schools, has written an op-ed in The Washington Post bashing homeschooling. In “Homeschooling During the Coronavirus Will Set Back […]

Will the Coronavirus Defeat Trump’s Reelection?

Until the coronavirus outbreak, most conservatives were pretty confident President Donald Trump would get reelected. The economy was doing great, which is a good sign an incumbent president will win reelection. But the […]

The DOJ Inspector General Needs to Investigate the Crooked Prosecution of Renzi

Over 14 years later, former Congressman Rick Renzi is still fighting for his innocence. He was wrongly imprisoned during the Obama administration by prosecutors and FBI agents who are part of the deep […]

The Government May Be Trampling on Civil Liberties During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The government’s expanding its power as it deals with the pandemic. If it’s not already trampling civil liberties, it’s coming close. That may seem necessary, but it’s never good. Conservatives […]

Should We Bail Out Boeing?

The federal government has agreed in a bill that passed Congress and was signed into law last week by President Trump to offer Boeing bailout funds. The company is in financial trouble since the airlines — […]

How the Coronavirus is Affecting Your Second Amendment Rights

Remember the Democratic motto, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” They always use it as an excuse to increase government spending. Do you know what else they use […]

Now is Not the Time to Sneer at Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck

“It is not only low income and middle income earners who blow through their paychecks every month,” Kristin Tate declares in The Hill. Wealthy people do it too. “Our fiscal irresponsibility means […]

How Americans are Being Affected by the Coronavirus — Here’s What You Can Do About It

Huge numbers of people have already lost their jobs. Some from the social distancing, some from the effects of social distancing.

The social distancing has killed restaurants. It’s put out of work cooks […]

Important News You’ve Missed Due to the Coronavirus

Have you tried to look for news not related to the coronavirus in the past two weeks? It’s almost impossible to find. I tried to find some and had to dig. And […]

Women’s History Month: The Women You Won’t Hear About in the MSM

What women should Americans celebrate? Which ones best represent our values and beliefs? I thought about this when looking at last year’s Women’s History Month. The theme was “Visionary Women: […]

Facial Recognition Technology + Cameras = Tracking Our Every Move

Security cameras popped up everywhere. They tracked us. But at least no one knew who we were. Unless your mugshot was in a criminal database, you probably couldn’t be identified. You were just that […]

Sanctuary Cities Now Shielding Criminal Illegal Immigrants From ICE, Resulting in Horrific Crimes

They say they want to protect “undocumented” aliens. The sanctuary cities won’t let ICE take them. But most say they’ll give up illegal immigrants who have been charged or convicted of serious crimes. Sanctuaries […]

The First Case of Global Mass Hysteria: Shake It Off or Stay a Sheep

As I write this on April 5, 2020, some of the Trump-hating media are still giving him rare praise for his doomsday warning a few days ago about the “coronavirus” (the SARS-CoV-2 virus that […]

COVID-19 Thoughts Part Eleven: Defend the Pastors that stand up to tyrants to be

Pastor Says State Law Threatens His Right to Teach the Bible in ...

Welcome to another weekend of lock downs for most of the nation if not the whole world, and like I said before, there are a handful of pastors protesting that the worship gathering is essential; contrary […]

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