Laws of Statistics and Counting “All Votes”

The 2018 midterm election seems to repeat the 2000 election Florida patterns. After the first results showing Republican victories in key states, tens of thousands of “lost” or “uncounted” votes […]

“Civil War?” The Democrats Are Already AT WAR!



Civil War? We ain’t got no Civil War! We don’t need no Civil War! I don’t have to show you any stinking Civil War!


In, Monica Showalter writes:

Democrats are still playing […]

Black Conservatives Building up Steam With Blexit

Its name’s a play on Brexit, Great Britain’s movement to leave the European Union. Its members believe the Democratic Party takes them for granted and does not represent their interests. They’ve become increasingly frustrated in recent years […]


Ruth Vader-Ginsberg

Ruth Vader-Ginsberg

Democrats Win In Florida and Arizona? ARTICLE BY ERIC MANHEY


BUT, What about Auntie Ruth?

I have a confidential source of information in the hospital.. A taxidermist […]

DUMB DEMOCRATS – Are Democrats Really That Dumb?



Are the democrats really so dumb they don’t realize their every negative move against Trump only makes him stronger and more important to […]

The U.S. Midterm Elections 2018: Some Positive Perspectives

The midterm elections of 2018 are over and here is what we can say for sure as to how things will develop two years from now until the 2020 general elections (when […]

Immigration claims, counter arguments, and opinions

For this election and beyond, let’s set down some talking points on the issue of legal and illegal immigration.

Claim: We’re a nation of immigrants.

Reply: Our heritage of immigration is just one […]

Democrats Won The House (and Truth Lost)

Democrats won the House (and truth lost)



It seems as though the Democrats have won the House. America has […]

Our New Muslim Representatives

OUR NEW MUSLIM REPRESENTATIVES Sharia, corruption, and Jew-hatred come to the House. November 7, 2018 Robert Spencer

How Political Discrimination Has Replaced Racism

Model Zoe “Zosobe” Bethel loses contract for conservative views.

“There is real evil in the world.” – P. Lieberman

Following the 2016 election, Republican and conservative minorities have […]

Video: History of 44 Magnum Ammo

Our latest video on the history and development of the 44 Magnum ammo cartridge is fresh off the digital printing press and ready for you:

You can also check it out on our 44 Magnum ammo caliber page, on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook – or on these Second Amendment video sharing sites: UGETube and […]

Predicting the Outcome of the 2018 Mid-Term Election

Election Day, November 7th, 2018, will not only decide whether President Donald J. Trump has a chance to continue trying to implement his America First Conservative Agenda and whether the GOP retains control of […]

Israel Quit UNESCO, Um-Shmum, Make Ben-Gurion Proud!

Bus load after bus load brought Jewish spiritual tourists into Hebron-Kiryat Arba last Friday afternoon. You could feel the electricity, this Shabbat was going to be different. A quiet excitement filled the air. Soon tents were sprouting up on the lawns between buildings, like mushrooms after […]

The Farce of Finding Faith in Facts

Historiography Meets Presuppositionalism

“This pill is guaranteed to cure what’s ailing you!” or so the sales pitch goes from the half-baked sweat drenched racketeer of quackery and pioneer of snake oil preaching at the county fair. […]

Illegally Acquired Rights

Would you agree that, acquiring unlawfully an advantage creates a right to its legally protected enjoyment? The question here is, whether an illegal act can create a lawful right to benefit its perpetrator. For the sake of clarity, take this example. Suppose that someone forges money. […]

Democrat Traitors – The Lying, Traitorous Dems

Democrat Traitors – The Liar, Traitorous Dems



If you can’t name what it is, then it can’t be found and cured. After today, nothing […]

Red Wave Incoming


There is a lot of talk about an impending “blue wave”. Some comes from media pundits conflating their narrow perspectives with national sentiment. Some comes from the anticipated Congressional backlash that […]

How My Case Almost Made It to the Supreme Court

Sometimes life is not fair. My nine-plus years of legal wrangling over my license to practice law has finally ended. The Supreme Court declined to hear my case. It’s been a long […]

Will the DOJ Go After the Beto Campaign for Diverting Campaign Funds to the Caravan?

The Department of Justice has developed a reputation for targeting Republican politicians through election laws. Republicans are often sent to prison, while Democrats frequently get nothing more than a fine. Even though a Republican president […]

Updated: ARMED NEW BLACK PANTHERS Lobby For Black Gubernatorial Candidate Stacy Abrams

Armed Black Panthers Lobby for Black Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams The New Black Panthers, 2016, By Sputnik News, Moscow, Russia

The New Black Panthers, 2016, By Sputnik News, Moscow, Russia



BLACK VIOLENCE: The Terror That Dare Not Speak Its Own Name

Black Violence: The Terror That Dare Not Speak Its Own Name RACE RELATIONS, BLACK ON WHITE TERRORISM -


This article by COLIN FLAHERTY First Appeared In AmericanThinker.Com



A Leftist Hatefest in Pittsburgh [ In my opinion—being from Pennsylvania—Pittsburgh is a democrat-engorged hole in the map. —JAF, My Words.]



Daniel Greenfield, - and JAF IMAGES

Daniel Greenfield, – and JAF IMAGES


ARTICLE BY Daniel Greenfield

As President Trump arrived […]

Pity Yitzhak Rabin Wasn’t Israel’s Trump!

Yep, its that time of year again, when the Left, accuse more than half of Israel (the Right), for killing former PM Yitzhak Rabin. To prove my point, even centrist Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid, was booed and jeered, when he told a recent memorial rally […]

SINEMA VERITE: Arizona Democrat Gets Taliban Wish

Sinema Verite: Arizona Democrat Gets Taliban Wish

This Article by Daniel J. Sobieski Appeared First in

One wonders what Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, candidate for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican […]

VOTE REPUBLICAN – Levin: ‘Time for America to Push Back’ on Radical Hard-Core Dems, Media ‘Mouthpieces’

VOTE REPUBLICAN – Levin: ‘Time for America to Push Back’ on Radical Hard-Core Dems, Media ‘Mouthpieces’ Mark Levin - JAF IMAGES

Mark Levin – JAF IMAGES

Article By TRENT BAKER, First Published At […]

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