AZ Politico explains why he's switched his support from Blake Masters to Mark Brnovich in Arizona's US Senate race

AZ Politico is a well-known Arizona Twitter account run by a Republican strategist, and he's issued a lengthy Twitter thread explaining why he's switched his support in the U.S. Senate race from Blake Masters, who is funded by an out-of-state Silicon Valley billionaire, to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, the true conservative.

Arizona Politico Proudly Endorses & Plans to Vote for MARK BRNOVICH 
 for US Senate in the Upcoming Republican Primary.

A (long) thread:

When Brnovich made his first announcement video I  said he'd be my candidate, and today I still stand by & defend that sentiment.

A great US Senator is a great Attorney and when it comes to Attorneys General Arizona has one of the best in the nation, as AG 
 has been a solid voice for conservative values and has worked overtime to protect Arizonans from actors both outside and inside the state.

On Election Integrity - In Brnovich vs DNC he successfully defended Arizona election law. Recently in Yuma County 
  successfully prosecuted a case of ballot harvesting by the former mayor of the second largest city in the county from the 2020 Primary election.

On Big Tech - Long before a certain someone came back to Arizona and railed against Big Tech while having made his fortune as part of that machine 
  had actually done work and filed a lawsuit against Google for deceptive tracking.

On the Border - 
 has filed lawsuits against the Biden administration for their immigration policies. He worked to defend the "Remain in Mexico Policy" and argued at SCOTUS on  fighting for the interests of Arizona against the Biden administration in protecting our laws.

I could continue on about all the great things 
  has done as Attorney General, from setting up one of the best consumer protection agencies, to working in tandem with the Goldwater institute to protect taxpayers, to suing NJ's unconstitutional high-capacity magazine ban

The record of 
 speaks for itself and it is one of the strongest, most conservative, most effective records of any Attorney General in the country. However, the real focus of this support is going toward who I think is best positioned to defeat Mark Kelly.

 has consistently polled best in head to head matchups against Mark Kelly. Along with this he is a statewide elected official who has won twice before and even took out an establishment incumbent in a very hotly contested primary in 2014.

Simply put Brnovich has a solid record on the issues and an even more solid record on the ability to win statewide which is what really matters here.

There are two major opponents to 
: Blake Masters, and Jim Lamon.

Jim Lamon has on multiple occasions said incredibly dumb things and if he became the nominee I believe would ultimately end up as a train wreck, however, the true threat to our chances at this seat lies in the mouth of Blake Masters.

Blake is a nice guy, and frankly there was a small amount of time where I was supporting him, but unfortunately in Blake's quest for the Trump endorsement he became a walking gaffe machine.

Blake is as Jim Lamon says a man of all talk and no action. While Brnovich has constantly fought for conservative causes and defeat the corrupt establishment in 2014 Blake made millions for him and empowered big tech to continue on.

 was in Arizona protecting consumers and suing the Ducey administration and ASU for giving illegal immigrants lower tuition Blake was in Silicon Valley empowering one of the most outsourced industries in the country.

But that's not even the worst of it, Blake's inability to shut his mouth for 5 seconds & run a mature campaign (or be a mature individual frankly) has resulted in a walking stick of dynamite that could implode our chances at defeating one of the worst US Senators in the country.

Blake is on record saying on violence, "It’s gangs. It’s people in Chicago, St. Louis shooting each other. Very often, you know, Black people, frankly." Which while may be correct is something that could hurt him in the general election.

Blake is also on record saying that disclosing campaign donations is like Kristallnacht which is the night of broken glass in which a violent anti-semetic attack was lodged against Jews in Germany in 1938.

Blake has also said (this is the moment he truly lost me), "I actually think that Mark Brnovich the Attorney General in Arizona, I actually think he wanted President Trump to lose in 2020... He was gaming the election."

Now look, I understand petty politics and lying for political capital, but this is frankly one of the most disgusting things I have heard in my life. Brnovich has forever been a steward of conservative values and did his best to handle the election fairly.

Blake also very stupidly said on camera at a debate that we should move to privatize social security. Blake, I know you're from California BUT THIS IS A STATE WITH A MASSIVE REITREE POPULATION. Even Californians should know that!

Blake has constantly put his foot in his mouth, lied about his opponents and done everything he can to set him up to be a very handicapped nominee should he win the primary. Blake is also of all the candidates the one who polls the worst against Mark Kelly.

I know people like what Blake talks about, big tech, single family income, it's good stuff. But I earnestly ask you, what has Blake ever done other than talk? He has no record, he has no actions, he has NO ACTUAL POLICY PROPOSALS to acheive these objectives.

Blake is far more focused on winning this primary than the general and it shows. The only actions he's ever taken were empowering big tech in Silicon Valley and taking his life to California after growing up in Arizona.

Now let me be clear, if Blake is the nominee I will be out there the next day knocking doors, making calls and lighting up the grassroots to get him elected. Cause as much as he frustrates me he would still be a million times better than the scumbag that is Mark Kelly.

But, while Blake has constantly done everything he can to make himself poisonous in the general Kelly has not taken a stance on anything and by contrast appears far less chaotic.

Arizona is a moderate state, you don't win leanining into Trump and you certainly don't win without the support of squishy moderates from Maricopa County. This is something McSally and Trump both had to learn the hard way and Ducey knew from the get-go.

Arizona you have a choice to make, do you want to jeopardize our chances of winning this seat in November with some silicon valley tech boy with no real record or do you want to elect the solid conservative AG who has proved he can win Arizona in both good and bad years?

I pray you make the right choice, but do know no matter who the nominee is it will take all of us to defeat Kelly in November and we will need to come together in a big way to form a coalition to victory and frankly, that coalition is much easier with 
 at the wheel.

Simply put: I have a hard time seeing the controversial California tech millionaire defeating the veteran astronaut with the former Congresswoman wife who was shot. While the current statewide elected Attorney General 
 is nowhere near that heavy a lift.

TLDR: I endorse Mark Brnovich because he has a proven track record of being a strong conservative and is a much stronger general election candidate. I also see no major positive Masters would bring to the table as a Senator that Brnovich wouldn't, if anything there are negatives.

Blake has done everything he can to be controversial and lose the general due to his mouth, while Brnovich is a current statewide elected official who won in the D+9 year of 2018.
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