COVID-19 Thoughts Part 89: Mark Levin is keeping his New Years Resolution; Bye Bye Bye Facebook

It is hard to keep a New Years Resolution, but for Constitutional lawyer, former local politician later Presidential Cabinet member and now at long last turned conservative media personality Mark Levin, he has stuck to one Resolution and likely will not back down from it.  That he is leaving Facebook behind for their actions to censor and/or limit HIS freedom of speech.  Mostly that is over controlling the narrative of COVID-19 as well as the post-election news.  Sure, Facebook is a private corporation that can make their rules and then some, but in a free-market system people can still respond by seeking and creating alternatives to the FB empire.

In a piece I wrote a few months back, I talked about Mark Levin leading an exodus from Facebook and towards the social media sites (like Parler) that are allowing the conservative to speak his or her mind without being hounded by the so-called fact checkers.  I have been posting more of my political stuff on Parler as of late.  My reach is not as great as Mark Levin, but I know that I have been shadow banned and have been warned that me reach is being limited and my distribution was reduced because they told me so.  They even threatened to close down my DNM’s World page if I don’t parrot the COVID-19 pravda.  Well, they did not say that exactly, but I bet you that is what they prefer me to do. 

Facebook wants people to believe that they care about the lives of people by quarantine both the sick and the healthy.  You only quarantine the sick, but since that is based on “religion” that is ignored.  If you follow the “science,” quarantining everybody is the right thing to do and you keep people on lockdown until the COVID-19 pandemic is completely over...NO MATTER what the cost.  The dirty little secret is that these so-called scientists have more likely than not, a Marxist worldview that is in direct conflict with the Judeo-Christian worldview.  

Marxism has only spread fear and destruction of communities, cultures and the people that make up those respected things.  The lockdowns have cost small business owners their livelihood and will not recover.  It has also killed indoor dinning which is likely to never come back at this rate if not at all.  Meanwhile Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has been reaping the rewards coupled with online retailers like Amazon.  As the tech industry grows richer, the honest working man and woman at all levels are likely to be forced and herded into this brave new corporate model.  Most people that work in government including public education and higher learning continue to get paid and with the mentality that if it does not affect me but rather my neighbor…well it sucks to be you…my neighbor.  I am going to keep being the selfish SOB that enjoys my life and everyone else can go to H-E Double Hockey Sticks.  I am sure Zuckerberg feels the same way.

The COVID-19 also allowed our government at all level to make changes that allow for cheating and ballot harvesting, and while I am with Peter Boyles (of 710KNUS) that there is no evidence of election fraud and likely that Biden would have won in either case; I still oppose election theft.  But those who feel different as Mark Levin, are also being censored by Facebook and make no mistake Zuckerberg and the tech tyranny of Cally spend its deep pockets of money to defeat Donald J. Trump and at heart they are Marxists.  Truth be told that they are no different than Karl Marx himself.  They don’t want the people to have liberty and freedom or the right to private property, but that is something reserved for the elite as they grow rich and powerful…something that Marx wanted to do but failed to do so…but his worldview was so destructive.  Cost him his own family before Marx himself bought the farm.  Yet people like Mark Levin who push back on this current brand of Marxism and/or COVID fascism, only get flagged down and get their distribution limited if not cut out completely.  Social Media’s Marxist worldview has truly showed itself during this overblown pandemic.

I too have made my move to Parler but I am not leaving Facebook.  I will not post as much on FB when it comes to political news and commentary but a few things that will not get me flagged on FB.  I shall allow FB to pull the trigger first and not the other way around.  Mark Levin has made his choice to pull the trigger regarding FB, and I don’t blame him.  For him it will be his virtual reality shot that hopefully enough people in America see and hear, and that the Tech Giants have been put on notice and a statement from us dissenters that it descent goes BOTH WAYS…not just from leftist radicals who want to pound the final nails into the Conservative movement’s casket and others groups of people they have hatred for.

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