The Election Debacle Part 1

Our constitutional republic must adhere to the democratic institutions that are the foundations for our liberty. If we do not adhere to these responsibilities, we can expect to continue to live with the corruption that we are now facing. The political agenda of the progressive socialist Democrats ignore the will of the American people. Who had the idea to allow the US Postal Service, who has just endorsed Joe Biden to bring in the ballots with any trust.
The fix was in from the start. Perhaps that is why Biden felt he did not need to campaign. Why should Biden and Harris go through the campaign or take questions that they refuse to answer when they already know that the results that they need will magically appear?
The fascists who now populate the Democrat party and Neocons like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, claim that illegal aliens voting in our elections are minimal. Many states register voters at the Department of Motor Vehicles, laughingly called  Motor Voter, with no check on citizenship.
These same leftists turn a blind eye to the numerous election judges prosecuted for stuffing ballots and altering votes. They refuse to allow Voter ID laws when dead people, nonvoters, and illegal aliens, along with voter rolls not being updated, allow fraud that can and has changed the results of close elections.
They use ballot harvesting to change the results of elections many days and weeks after an election. By that time, they know how many votes they need to steal the election and deliver just enough to switch to the progressive socialist candidate. These ballots are delivered by the US Postal Service and are quickly counted missing signatures that match or voter authentication. This isn't the "one person, one legal vote" that our republic is based on. Already documented is the failed New Jersey campaign that was thrown out after it was shown that mail-in fraud had tainted 22% of the total vote.
The news media will always proclaim there is no evidence of fraud; they refuse, even when given the evidence that voter fraud is happening, letting the American people know what is happening. The media, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have made a concerted effort to paint President Trump as a racist who uses racial hatred in his campaign. I have yet to hear any of these progressive socialist sycophants explain how President Trump is getting more of the Black, Hispanic, and Asian vote than any other Republican in history is not essential. It shouldn't be surprising because none of these organizations and the leftists consider any of these groups necessary.
The media has not mentioned that the financing of mail-in balloting was primarily supplied, to the tune of $50 million had been supplied by The Open Society Foundation in its multiple organizations, including the Ford Foundation. The financing went to states such as Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia.
Let’s look at some of the evidence that the media refuses to look at. Keep in mind  it has been documented that there are as many as 350,000 dead voters still on the rolls across 42 states.  Judges have been complicit in voter fraud across the country by unilaterally allowing changes such as relaxed deadlines for voting, signature verification, and ballot harvesting. Voter rolls are a farce. Judicial Watch has documented that 462 counties in the US have a registration rate of over 100%. Judicial Watch has identified 1.8 million more voters than eligible voters in 352 counties.
South Carolina
US District Judge Richard Gergel issued an order halting South Carolina from rejecting ballots due to missing or mismatched signatures. Gergel ruled that South Carolina counties that want a signature rule must seek approval from the courts rather than have the legislature fulfill the laws as written. This does away with the chain of custody of any ballot. South Carolina, along with a great many blue states, has consistently altered state laws through the state judiciary, which is unlawful, and proceeded to apply rules put forth by the progressive socialists.  These attempts to find different voting methods that can damage voter integrity are nothing more than just another way to steal the vote of hard-working Americans.
Four years ago, the Secretary of State resigned over an investigation into illegal aliens voting. Of course, it was blamed on a "glitch" (one of the socialists' favorite words) in the States' registration records. Just a few short months ago, an election judge in the contested city of Philadelphia was arrested for stuffing ballot boxes. In May, Domenick DeMauro, an election judge in Philadelphia, pleaded guilty to taking bribes to stuff ballot boxes. On October 14th, 29,000 voters received the wrong ballots.  Pennsylvania is not the only state that had this problem. New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Virginia all confronted the same problem. Progressive socialist Emily Resko, who interns for Leftist Conor Lamb posted a photo threatening voters on Snapchat. It has yet to be explained why she had access to voter rolls for such an endeavor.  Can someone explain when an appellate judge ruled that Republican observers must be given the opportunity to observe the polling stations, that a Philadelphia sheriff did not enforce the court order and let the observers in?
 Investigators for the Public Interest Legal Foundation found registered voters were listed in non-residential buildings and even the Headquarters for ALCOA. Two high profile guilty pleas for voter fraud were locked down by US Attorney of Eastern Pennsylvania William McSwain in the last few months. PILF also found that more than 16,000 dead registered voters were still on the voter rolls, many voters with multiple voter registrations. Military ballots were also found to have been discarded. When the 1993 National Voter Registration Act was applied , there was pushback from the Obama administration. Many Democrat leftists state administrations ignored the law, and Terry McAuliffe , a Democrat from Virginia actually vetoed legislation that would have mandated investigations of elections where the numbered votes outnumbered eligible voters. And when the Republican governor tried to follow the law, Eric Holder filed a federal lawsuit to stop it.
The Attorneys Generals of Missouri and Kentucky, with the likelihood of others, have joined an amicus brief that was filed by Republicans challenging the state Supreme Courts' decision to change election laws. The ruling by the state Supreme Court to allow a three-day extension of accepting ballots allows postal fraud by backdating ballots, which was also shown to have happened in many states.

Wisconsin has a documented history of voter fraud. Even the Democratic minority leader of the Wisconsin State Assembly stated that his state might be the next Florida. The Milwaukee Police Departments Investigative Unit found evidence of an illegal organized attempt to influence the 2004 election. They also found that ineligible felons were allowed to vote, and Democrats were illegally ballot harvesting in nursing homes and low-income housing. State law mandates that the ballot boards, the very people who certify ballots, maintain an equal number from both parties. But it has been shown that these boards have been overtaken by the progressive socialists in the Democrat party, calling into question electoral integrity.
 Wisconsin is a state that allows same-day registration without proof of residence. This has led to many "same day" registrants giving invalid addresses, but their votes are still being counted. The Wisconsin Elections Commission also demanded that poll workers fill out witness information on thousands of mail-in ballots that would have been invalid had they not done so. The was an illegal demand that was not part of Wisconsin law controlled by the state legislature.

In Detroit, over 70% of precincts did not match the count of ballots cast. Two whistleblowers in Detroit watched as workers created new voter files using information from the ballots to add these ballots into the state registry. All were given a birth date of 1/1/1900. These unsecured, unsealed ballots arrived at 4:30 am delivered by out of state vehicles. A city employee filed an affidavit claiming her supervisor called on her to backdate ballots. This followed voter accuracy questions in 2019 when the voter rolls contained 30,000 more voters than citizens of legal voting age. Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of the state, recently vetoed legislation that would have made filling out multiple absentee ballot request form or filling out an absentee form for another person without their consent a felony. It has not been explained how Biden received over 138,339 votes from a 4:30 am delivery through the back door with all of those ballots going to Biden and none to President Trump.
Michigan also has 225,235 “ghost voters .“ Ghost voters are registrations over the number of eligible voters of legal age to vote. And like Philadelphia, observers were kept too far away to actually observe, and there is a video of counters cheering every time a Republican observer was thrown out. Once most of the Republican observers were told to leave, the windows were then covered so that those outside could not see in. Not exactly a free and fair election, is it? This was at the same time that ballot counters were being told to backdate ballots to make them valid. This has all been documented in an affidavit that will probably be referred to the US Supreme Court.

The Democrats have well practiced voter fraud.  According to Minnesota law, you are prohibited from voting if you are not a citizen, are a felon on parole, or live outside the precinct. But the progressive socialists in Minnesota have found a way around thee laws. One workaround is to certify to an election judge that you are eligible to vote. The Minnesota Voters Alliance has already confirmed 1000 felons voted in 2008. In March 2018, the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor revealed that more than 26,000 individuals were labeled as challenged before the electorate voted. Same-day registration is the most prevalent voter fraud in Minnesota. Five hundred thousand registered to vote on election day. This is done with no verification of eligibility. There is also no verification or a photo requirement. In 2008, 17,000 of these voters could not have the address they gave verified, and 31,000 0thers could not meet eligibility requirements. These votes were allowed and were part of the contested election that leftist Al Franked supposedly won by 312 votes. It is also possible to vote without ID by using your birth date and the last four numbers of your Social Security number. Thousands of voters registered in this way and could not be found in the Social Security database. The question is, are these people still on the voter rolls? Minnesota does not use provisional ballots, so all these illegal ballots are counted.

 Someone attempted to register dozens of dead people in Broward County. Being a key swing state in 2020, the applications were found and turned over to the state attorney's office. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the 54 applications were mailed from South Carolina, and the sender cannot be identified because there is no return address. Two of the deceased applicants fell through the crack and was added to the Broward County voter rolls. Forty-eight ballots were found in the post office in Miami Dade County,42 of which had never been delivered to the voter.
An affidavit was filed by a whistleblower that specified that people were seen in a Biden-Harris van filling out ballots as they were delivered to the polling location. The Clark County election officials were made aware of this illegal activity but, despite the question of the ballots' validity, allowed them to be counted with no signature verification.
There was an issue in Fulton County, which required the Georgia Secretary of State to look into it. Perhaps it is the video of ballot counters opening ballots delivered by China's SF Express, which does not deliver in the United States, making those ballots invalid.
The mainstream media will not let any of this be known. But the American People are not stupid and will not fall for this lawlessness. The 71 million that voted for President Trump understand that this is nothing more than the progressive socialist leftists trying to steal an election. Social media is complicit and should be broken up with large fines for the garbage they attempt to foist on the American people.
Mention any of this on Twitter or Facebook, and you will be automatically banned. (I know, I am.) Trying to keep the truth from the American people and calling Biden the President-elect without all the votes counted and with litigation being pursued is no way to treat the citizens of our great country. What has been found so far is only the tip of the iceberg,