This Is Not Your Father's Democratic Party!

Many years ago, I believed voting split-ticket was intelligent. There was, on occasion, a Democrat who was fiscally conservative and socially moderate. Oh, how the times have changed!

Today, it is nearly impossible to take the Democratic Party seriously. This is the perfect moment for Conservatives; we have a solid opportunity to educate older Democrats and those who don’t think their votes matter. They do – now more than ever.

Democrat leaders and influential party members have given us more than a glimpse into their thoughts. They have literally stated their goals which should scare everyone…unless you are off rioting someplace.

These policies are easily explained to others. Though most are so outrageous, you will need to print-out an informative article on the topic or save the links below on your phone:
  • Reallocate funds for police forces. It is a much “softer” word than Defund.
  • Cops are racist. According to Biden, all cops are racist. Not a few. All.
  • Eliminate bail, reduce the number of jails or “imagine” an America without prisons. Yes, the Liberals want us to imagine such a Utopia. I suspect it contains Unicorns and pots of gold.
  • If we continue with the southern wall, Jesus will get upset. And we are going to Hell. This came from a Minister giving a prayer at the Democrat’s Convention.
  • Transgender boys can play in girls’ sports. If you have daughters, their athletic careers are over.
  •  Chief Warren has made it perfectly clear the Democrats will bring peace to Native Americans.
  • No plans to re-shore critical items – like medicine. Actually, hardly a peep about how too many items are being manufactured in China. Nor, their human rights violations.
  • And a key-note speaker at their Convention, former First Lady Michelle Obama, really summed-up the Game Plan: All the problems America has are because of one man, President Trump. A “fact” repeated ad nauseam:
  • Any problem, anyone has leads back to Trump.  If your car doesn’t start, toaster burns the bread, don’t have cell coverage… the endless list has a face – one Donald J. Trump.
The more Biden and Co. speak, the scarier their messages. Medicare for All – in essence single payer healthcare run by the government. Reengage Iran on nuclear talks. Why wouldn’t we want them to gain access to the Bomb? Alas, the New Green Deal where the phasing-out of planes, cars and fossil fuels are a legitimate plan.

Do you see a pattern here? The Democrat’s agenda is extremely Far Left. Yes, Biden and Harris do their best to come-off as moderates, but, barely below the surface, they represent ideals far from being mainstream American.

Educate your friends and family. This is NOT just another election. This is an election which will impact America like no previous Presidential Race.

I say there is no darkness but ignorance.”
William Shakespeare