Scientific Proof That The CDC, Fauci, Biden, and Big Pharma Responsible For At Least 600,000 U.S. Covid Deaths -- And How To Stop Them

When the Covid-19 flu virus landed in the United States, President Trump trusted the CDC and HHS to give him medically-accurate facts and handle the alleged emergency for which his Executive Order was signed.  He did not realize that the CDC and HHS were riddled with Marxists.  He was gaslighted into turning control of the nation's economy and constitutional rights over to a well-rehearsed, globally-planned Davos "great reset" scheme executed with military precision all over the world.  This is  precisely why Donald Trump must be our next President.  He will never be fooled again after reading this article.  He will be able to scientifically blame the Biden Administration for mass eldercide greater than the number of deaths during the American Civil War.

Progressive Marxists replaced medicine with what will end up the biggest government corruption scandal in American history.  Vaccine manufacturers primed the government system of economic fascism with a billion dollars of funding buying the CDC to force improperly-tested vaccines on the nation.  Massive government funding of universities and researchers bought lockstep obeisance. All universities had to parrot the CDC position or lose millions of government research funding - a system of taxpayer-funded collusion.  Independent epidemiologists were fired and brutally censored in panjandrum witch trials.  We were told a thousand times that mass death would occur if everyone was not multiply vaccinated.   Peer-reviewed objective science was fully replaced with a sea of subjective woke fake science.

Mass death predictably ensued.  In fact, at least 1.5 more times people died of Covid-19 in the United States than died in the Civil War.  This is the direct consequence of medical professionals in government, universities, and the vaccine industry intentionally refusing to practice proven epidemiologal methods in a manner that may be considered "systemic medical malpractice".  Licensed medical professionals in positions of responsibility either know or should have known they replaced epidemiological science in favor of making billions on an uber-profitable drug marketing scam worth hundreds of billions of dollars in overpriced vaccines, mostly bought by the taxpayers.

The above is decisively proven in the recent scientific treatise published by myself and reviewed by Dr. Knut Wittkowski titled "Strategies based on Epidemiologic Sciences: Why U.S. Covid Death Rates are Significantly Higher than in Korea and Sweden". In summary, our study proves that countries with the lowest death rates followed epidemiological methodology, countries that practiced woke Marxism had the highest death rates, and that no evidence exists that vaccines played a role reducing death (regardless of vaccine efficacy).

How did ignorance of medical methodogy harm the citizens of the United States?

Science is how we land spacecraft on Mars.  The Conglomerate's epistomic void left a trusting nation in terror, confusion,  crashed every aspect of normal life in the United States, and resulted in mass death.  Medical professionals were forced to robotically execute unsound orders of superiors in militaristic manner, get the jab, or be fired.  Hundreds of thousands of employees were fired by businesses, and federal/state/local jursidictions, despite the fact that many state laws do not have legislation authorizing these entities to set or extort vaccination policy.  Missouri and Delaware are two examples.  Working class people not members of the laptop elite were demolished, many turning to the underground economy of drug sales, looting, and crime.  Black Lives Matter and Antifa capitalized on the furor of low-income blacks organized to loot and burn down over $2-billion in buildings, glorified in the name of systemic discrimination by elitists making a living destroying the United States.

The United States failed to lock down nursing homes and care facilities. in fact, the opposite happened.  Fear, mal-information, and Marxist state-level health officers propelled frantic implementation of destructive policies never done before in medical history. Social distancing, universal lockdowns, vaccine mandates. School shutdowns, and close-contact orders are a few Orwellian inventions demanded by the Fauci machine.

Widespread elder abuse followed.  Residential home residents were locked in their rooms, denied visits from the family, often with no internet access to die of broken heart syndrome, while staff came and went importing Covid into nursing homes.   9,000 sick patients recovering from Covid were forced into nursing homes by Governor Cuomo.  At least four other woke states did the same thing.  Many states simply covered up nursing home deaths, most of which would not have happened if appropriate medical testing procedures had been followed.  Mass death occured in at least one St. Charles, MO nursing home.  Testing found both employees and many infected patients in another.

After vaccines and tests became available, eldercide occured because nursing homes and hospitals still allowed vaccinated staff to work without testing on the mantra that vaccines were very effective (in spite of countless "breakthrough cases").  According to my inside sources, hospitals are still not doing daily spit testing of all workers to send infected workers home the same day before they can infect patients.  This is of critical importance, because natural immunity against one variant does not guarantee immunity from the next variant. I know of one 85-year-old heart surgery patient with a good prognosis who caught Covid in the hospital and died of it about 3 weeks after release. A judge may call it medical malpractice.

So-called "breakthrough cases" (meaning that the vaccines are not effective), are far more common and serious than The Conglomerate admits.  In a recent court case involving a veteran military member and Purple Heart recipient testified that "75 to 80 percent of military members got Covid despite having had two shots". Dr. Theresa Long, an Army flight surgeon testified Covid shots were resulting in members of the military developing demyelination of the central nervous system, and "many soldiers destroyed", despite being ordered by her commander "not to bring up military data in her testimony".  A military flight surgeon testified he had never seen anything like the Covid situation: “the lack of dialogue, [and] the suppression of scientific dialogue.”  He further testified that the vaccine is damaging the body's natural immune system.

769 vaccinated young athletes collapsed while competing this last year, passed out or gripping their chests in agony, with many dying. 500% more soccer players in the EU are dropping dead from heart attacks than just one year ago. This has never  been seen before in athletics, and coincides with rollout of Covid vaccines.  As usual, the Conglomerate pretends the vaccines are safe.  It is well known that the Covid virus causes microclots in all bodily organs. This interferes with heart, lung, and organ functionality.  Now, we see that Covid vaccines apparently cause the same problem.  We do not yet know the compound effect of repeated vaccine injections demanded by the Conglomerate.

So far 155 representatives and senators have been diagnosed with Covid, but the government refuses to report which ones were vaccinated or how many others had natural immunity.

Double-vaccinated and boosted White House Secretary Jen Psaki caught Covid twice.  It is impossible to deny such overwhelming evidence that the original Covid-19 vaccines are not effective against current variants.  Why did she get it twice? Five months ago she caught the Delta variant.

Natural Immunity is the most powerful and long-lasting defense against Covid, but the "Conglomerate"systemically buries the medical truth.  According to a recent Harvard, Yale, and Stanford study, 4 out of 5 Americans already have natural immunity. Natural immunity is far more robust than the vaccines (known to have high rates of so-called "breakthrough cases".  These workers are the safest people to care for the most vulnerable patients and should have been given carte-blanche privileges.  Shockingly, large numbers of medical professionals with natural immunity were ritually fired for not taking the jab.

A paper published by the NIH, authored by John P. A. Ioninidis, statistically proved that "Most Published Research Findings Are False".  This is especially true regarding the sea of government-sponsored subjective Covid "studies" .

People in hospitals are dying because the corrupt system was methodologicaly designed to kill the elderly.  2020 was a tragic year of unusual elderly deaths.  702,731 out of the total 944,650 national Covid deaths were individuals over age 65These were predominantly vulnerable elderly with immune disorders, heart disease, diabetes and other morbidities who were in most cases the unprotected victims of shoddy hospital practices. 

Why would President Biden and his Marxist machine want to cause a mass die-off of the elderly?  They are addicted to funding more social justice welfare programs by massively decreasing large social security outlays, veterans, medicare, and medicaid expenditures.  The IRS wants step-up trust and death taxes. 

Insurance companies controlling public health policies make hundreds of billions in windfalls collecting premiums from healthy people without providing services to the elderly.  But Life Insurance companies are in trouble.  Paying death benefits when people die before average age makes it impossible to earn enough investment income over time to pay those benefits.  Life insurance companies make the most money from people who live until 100.   Today's quicksand stock market is making bottom line growth a superhuman feat.

What does "protecting the vulnerable mean?

The first priority of epidemiology is to "protect the vulnerable", by locking down nursing homes and similar care facilities -- not the entire nation.  Our treatise proves that South Korea totally locked down nursing homes (including staff), resulting in a near-zero death rate and a free and booming economy.  The United States did just the opposite in what will become the biggest government corruption scandal in American history.

Why Covid testing is a bigger scientific fraud than efficacy of vaccines

It is impossible to protect the vulnerable absent effective testing on caregivers and individuals residing in care facilities.  First, the good news: according to our epidemiological advisor, the PCR and spit tests should be able to detect current infection from most Covid variants, hopefully facilitating prevention of infection in care facilities.

Opening Statement on Vaccines: We state that epidemiologists fully support the development and use of safe and effective vaccines, as has been done for over 100 years.  Vaccines have worked effectively against diseases caused by stable viruses such as smallpox, measles, and polio. The biggest scientific fraud in history was to direct the virus through lockdowns and other forms of mitgation to infect more of the vulnerable.   The damage done by lockdowns must be exposed. The onus is now on Big Pharma to transparently prove that the two year old vaccines actually work against more recent virus variants evolved to be resistant to existing vaccines.

We now know that immunity tests are only able to detect immunity against two-year-old viruses no longer in circulation.

Why would the Conglomerate make tests unable to detect immunity against existing viruses?  Because it is the only vehicle to permanently keep Emergency Use Authorizations in place legally protecting the Conglomerate from lawsuits for selling defective products. The EUA's must be rescinded so the Conglomerate can be held liable, forcing them to make both tests and vaccines effective against current variants.

We now walk you through the web of mal-information the Conglomerate is using to keep the nation in a permanent state of emergency and terror.  The verbal Jiu Jitsu and conversion of scientific fact evident below is typical of everything the Conglomerate had done during the entire pandemic:
  • On May 24, 2021, the FDA declared all antibody serology immunity tests unusable: “results from currently authorized SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests should not be used to evaluate a person’s level of immunity or protection from COVID-19 at any time, and especially after the person received a COVID-19 vaccination ….. antibody tests should not be used to evaluate a person’s level of immunity or protection from COVID-19”.  In spite of this guidance, the Conglomerate continues claiming that vaccines and boosters are the only effective, safe, and necessary way protect everyone from infection from Covid and variants, and should be mandatory
  • A link in the above page sends consumers to a less-scientific FDA page for the general public.  On this page, the FDA confessed to the world that antibody serology tests do not indicate if you have immunity that will prevent Covid 19 infection, or if you need a Covid-19 vaccination, or if your vaccination worked.
  • In spite of the confessions listed above, another link on the above page points to “Recommendations for fully vaccinated people”, with the FDA pushing endless shots and boosters.
  • Another FDA page linked above points to “Authorized SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests” again admitting that the tests do not work, but calls for continued emergency use authorizations for totally ineffective serology tests.
  • Yet another page linked above, takes us to the all-important "Serology/Antibody Tests: FAQs on Testing for SARS-CoV-2" page, which has been disappeared from their server.
What does the above mean in simple scientific English?  According to our epidemiological advisor, "If you get infected, and you get over it, you are immune.  The test for antibodies does not detect your natural immunity.  It detects whatever antibodies the vaccine created, and they are different. That means the vaccine does not convey immunity .... It is that simple."

The above is why we have endless reports of fully-vaccinated cruise liners, military ships, most vaccinated White House brass, 251 members of the U.S. House and Senate, and endless reports of so-called "vaccinated breakthough cases", and at least 600,000 unnecessary deaths of the elderly caused by malpractice of "scientists" in the federal government and many state and local HHS offices. 

The above is prima-facie evidence that the FDA is a primary co-conspirator in the biggest consumer fraud in World history.   It is now up to educated consumers to avoid believing anything these people say, and take measures to protect themselves absent fear. Below are some resources we can apply to make good decisions.  Please do not consider the below as medical advice because I am not a doctor --- I am here to reduce mal-information confusion.

The IGG (Immunoglobin G) test, one of the most common serology "antibody" tests ordered, does not work determining immunity, but continues to be misrepresented as being effective despite multiple FDA confessions. The test looks only for spike protein responses identical to what the Covid vaccines do when they incorporate in the body.  The IGG test literally only reports whether or not you have been vaccinated. Its only real purpose might be to catch you if you lie about vaccination status.

The best way to see if you are really immune may be with a new T-Cell test offered by T-Protect.comThis company has been using Microsoft artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to develop a map of the body’s immune response to many different diseases for years.  The Covid test is just the latest addition, which secured FDA EUA approval.  The existence of this test is top secret information impossible to find unless you happen to know a dutiful nurse practitioner fed up with industrial hijacking of medical science.

As we might expect, the Vaccine Oligarchy censored the existence of this test (as did Google search) because it marks the end of the reign of the Vaccine Conglomerate dictatorship.   EUAs must be ended immediately so vaccine manufacturers can be held responsible for selling defective, destructive products.

I urge everyone to become fearlessly educated on these issues, so we can each make wise and calm decisions about how to protect ourselves given age, morbidities, and other factors.

The end of the doctor-patient relationship

In 2020, health agencies were restructured and renamed to execute the socialized medicine model (part of the Davos "Great Reset" policy).   "Public Health" is the code phrase for socialist single-payer health controlled by Sangeresque government and insurance companies rationing health care on the basis of cost and life expectancy. 

Mercy Hospitals, one of the largest networks in the nation, is a classic example.  Dr. Alex Garza, Chief Community Health Officer for SSM (profile preserved on, is an outspoken proponent of "equity and social justice" (which includes the entire Communist Party USA agenda).  He is also a touted graduate of Saint Louis University, and Incident Commander for the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force. and a player in vaccine trials driving funding to Conglomerate universities.   His right-hand man Carter Dredge, Chief Transformation Officer (archived profile) handles "executive strategic leadership for SSM Health’s continued transformation from a traditional, fee-for-service system to one focused on creating value and managing the health of populations".   The goal is to have the U.S. join the New World Order communist health care system where patients are treated like cows, the doctor-patient relationship and "informed consent" are obliterated, and doctors are reduced to serfdom.

The long history of medical and chemical corporate corruption for profit

Corporations do not mind paying a few billions in fines over time when making hundreds of billions selling products that kill people.   There are many examples of corporate corruption-for-profit over the past 120 years.  In the early 1900's, Chicago meatpackers killed or disabled countless people using embalming fluid to preserve meat. Products such as sanded sugar, watered milk, sawdust-enhanced flour were common.   This was stopped only by heroic self-financed research and activism of Dr. Harvey Wiley whose work established the predecessor of the FDA to ensure product safety (which they are not doing today).

When medicines were unregulated, Cocaine was used in many products such as Coca Cola.  Laudenum (a tincture of opiates and alcohol) was widely prescribed. It was misused to treat insomnia, headaches, menstrual cramps, and even colic in babies.  Opiates made up 15 percent of all prescriptions dispensed in Boston in 1888.  Thousands of military men were addicted by widespread use of morphine and opiates. Medical journals warning of the danger went ignored in the name of profit.

Violating its own mission, the FDA, CDC, and NIH became partners with vaccine manufacturers in a scheme of organized corruption going for at least 50 years. Johnson and Johnson helped fund a 1971 study where asbestos was injected into mostly black inmates paid up to $300 to determine if asbestos was safe to use in talcum powder. 

Four Big Pharma companies will pay 26.2 billion in fines amortized over years for causing the Opiate addiction crisis.  This is 10 times larger than any other fine in DOJ history, but a small cost of doing business to Big Pharma.  Another $4.5 billion in fines will be paid by the Sackler family accompanied by the dissolution of Purdue Pharma. The opiate scandal continues unabated with Big Pharma buying protection from the government in mafiaesque fashion.  Since 2020, the NIH funded 257 social justice studies about Covid, but only 4 on how it spreads. Drug overdose deaths exploded 30% since October 2019, predominantly due to opiates and fentanyl, now doubly dismissed by woke government as "excess deaths" due to "mental health" problems.

Repeated extensions of the Emergency Use Authorization proven ineffective against variants since vaccines were available serve only one purpose: to protect vaccine manufacturers and the federal government from lawsuits for corruptly selling vaccines that expired over two years ago. As expected, HHS absurdly extended the EUA until July, 2022 to keep the scandal alive, despite the fact that Omicron variants are no more dangerous than the flu.

When the Vaccine corruption scandal is broken, we may see more big pharma companies go under as Perdue Pharma did, with massive class-action tort suits filed against the Big Pharma, CDC, HHS, Fauci, and others who personally profited by amounts in the tens to hundreds of billions.

According to the NIH, 92.8% of Covid deaths were associated with a pre-existing morbidity in four states studied. Yet, the CDC et. al. continue the false industrial narrative that Covid is the primary factor in the vast majority of deaths. Most deaths could have been prevented by reducing cardiometabolic comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity instead fo shooting the nation up with vaccines.

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy pretends that Covid is causing the decade-long rise in child suicides and mental health problems.  This is unquestionably a consequence of kids caught in the middle of battles with schools, school closures and a massive nationwide push by the Drug Policy Alliance operated by George Soros to legalize all mind-blowing drugs. Big Beer, Tobacco, and drink manufacturers can hardly wait to sell patent medicines and funny cigarettes to everyone --- condoned by the FDA.  Marxists have been pushing drugs for decades.  They know that drugs cause longitudinal school failure, are the primary driver of all forms of violence, the primary driver of the collapse of marriage, a primary driver of poverty.  Drugs alienate kids from their parents.  Frankfurt School leader Herbert Marcuse invented the drug revolution to alienate hippies from all things "American" and launch the sex and drug "Summer of Love".  As years passed, Marxists transformed music into hypnotic cult midi loops riven with hate, violence, disgusting language, and drug-related murder.

The list of consequences caused by intentional medical malpractice of the Vaccine Conglomerate is endless. Two years of furious debate by real experts and government lackeys in the media resulted in little or no legislation. litigation, or gubanatorial action because peer-reviewed science has never focused on defining sound legislation.  This is a task I am working on now.

Hospitals caused the critical hospital capacity shortage at a profit, discriminating against the elderly

In early 2020, hospitals across the nation cut back non-emergency preventive care services and furloughed or fired large numbers of nurses and administrative staff, causing critical staff shortages just at the time when ER/ED and critical care capacity of the sick and elderly were needed.   Hospitals saved millions on HR costs while making fortunes with every Covid admission earning $12,000 in federal subsidies, and $35,000 for every patient put on a ventilator. 

Mercy Hospital claimed it had to shut down normal medical care due to a lack of demand.  Becker Hospital Review tells the real story: "As a result of suspending these nonemergent procedures, several systems have lost or expect to lose a large chunk of their annual revenue, forcing them to make cost reduction a top priority."

The excuse changed in 2022, with hospitals claiming a shortage of nurses sick with Covid.  This makes no sense, when hospitals caused the shortage by continuously firing hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated staff since 2020.  Even worse, hospitals never hired back the staff they fired or furloughed in 2020 while they are still making fortunes on Covid admissions and respirators.

Manufactured systemic delays in efficacious prophylatic treatment coupled with unavailability of live nurse-practitioner telephone triage for the elderly unquestionably resulted in a large number of unnecessary deaths.

Barriers erected by hospitals to get what little preventive care is available forms a wall discriminating against the elderly.  To get an appointment, you must have internet and a cell phone.  Mercy Hospital no longer publishes the telephone number for their nurse practitioner triage help line on their website. If you don't know the number, you are on your own. If you are not internet-savvy or do not have access, or lose your password, getting help is impossible even if you know your primary doctor's name.  Setting up an account requires more skill than most elderly have.  Even if you know what you are doing, it takes days to get a response using Mercy's messaging system, and you can't speak with your doctor if needed.  Elderly end up in the emergency room with heart attacks, strokes, and cancer, where services are quietly apportioned according to survivability and age.

How the figure of 600,000 deaths caused by institutional medical mal-handling was calculated

Governmental agencies involved in the Conglomerate scandal have a long and consistent history making wild claims while suppressing the data on which it is based, while applying arbitrary if not fully conflated premises on which their claims are based.

We have no choice but to go with the government’s claim that 944.650 deaths were directly caused by covid. We also know that 702,731 out of the total 944,650 national Covid deaths were individuals over age 65. We are accepting these values as baseline in our analysis. 

Excess Deaths: The tricky part for the researcher is how to arrive at a realistic excess death value.  Excess deaths are not consistently defined. Extreme discrepancies exist depending on the political orientation of the promulgator.  Unfortunately, the term “excess deaths” has no standard definition around the world, making evaluation elusive.  Excess deaths must be added to realize total impact of the Covid pandemic.

Excess deaths are the number of deaths greater than the expected baseline number of deaths for a given year.   The CDC definition  includes deaths involving morbidities such as arthritis, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease, current asthma, diabetes, hepatitis, hypertension, stroke and weak or failing kidneys, in which Covid or misdiagnosed flu was involved. 

We have teased the truth out of the sea of organized Conglomerate gaslighting.  We have a bottom line “sanity check” we can apply as an accountant would.   Alleged excess deaths must line up with the national Crude Death Rate (which is the grand total of all deaths regardless of cause).

Besides hiding the basis for excess death claims, the Conglomerate also systematically stopped reporting crude death rate. It is impossible to find this information anywhere. Few websites governmental or public report the crude death rate after 2019 (the details will be the subject of a future analysis).   

Fortunately, big data leaks happen. Here mother lode.  On March 24, 2022, the Department of Census issued a damning finding in its report “Pandemic Disrupted Historical Mortality Patterns, Caused Largest Jump in Deaths in 100 Years (this Census page was preserved on on March 26 because we expect this report to be taken down quickly),.  The report is based on NCHS data hidden from public view.  The report finds that “The annual increase in deaths in 2020 was the largest in 100 years. Deaths spiked almost 19% (535,191 deaths) between 2019 and 2020, from 2,854,838 to 3,390,029.  2021 data is still hidden behind the velvet rope.

The report cited above is in line with a more recent CDC report indicating that one million excess deaths were recorded in 2020 and 2021.  (I note that using the CDC website dashboard, it is not possible to tease this number out).  

Deaths caused by Marxist social justice machinery during the pandemic

There are at least another 26,000 deaths to be accounted for.  Social Justice Machinery developed since 2010 went into high gear destroying capitalism, employment for low income groups, law enforcement, and fomenting racial war unlike anything seen before in American history. 

As with every emergency, it was necessary for Marxists to fix what they destroyed with the biggest welfare state program in American history, buying-off every American with their own tax dollars via three sets of “stimulus checks”.  Round 1 was in 2018, The CARES Act, (round 2) was in 2019, and President Biden’s 3rd round --- American Rescue Plan was in 2020.   Official data on the total cost is (as usual) unavailable.  It appears that the total addition to the federal debt is at least $6 trillion (not counting perhaps another $1.6 trillion in funding from extended Cares Act welfare entitlements over the next decade).

The grand intervention had the effect of artificially decreasing poverty by funding it, artificially decreasing bankruptcies, and stimulating indolence in the working class. Rental owners became conscripted financiers of the welfare state massacred by years of no rental income caused by eviction bans.   It helped small businesses hang in there during the Great Reset. Most importantly, the monies were recycled to fund Marxist nonprofits and influence elections on the taxpayer’s back.
  Therefore, the death rate for 2020 and 2021 is 944,650 plus 1,000,000 excess deaths plus 26,000 deaths caused by social justice machinery for a grand total of 1,970,650,

The scientific analysis above decisively proves that medical malhandling by the Conglomerate did, in fact, cause the tremendous spike in deaths unseen in 100 years.  There is no other possible explanation for it. 

Our assertion that the CDC, Fauci, Biden, and Big Pharma are responsible for at least 600,000 U.S. Covid deaths is conservatively understated.

Biden's military takeover of the Nation

By Executive fiat alone, President Biden anointed himself with similar powers Hitler was given by the German Diet and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was temporarily granted by a reluctant Parliament.  In dictarorial fashion, he gave himself powers not granted to the President or Federal government in the Constitution, and is decimating powers reserved for States.

On February 7th, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security issued a Terrorist Advisory Bulletin declaring Patriots disagreeing with CPUSA / DNC dicta on Covid, the Second Amendment, Social Justice, Christianity, sex, parental rights, education, privacy, censorship, deep monitoring of the public by government, communism, socialism, and anybody else opposing the establishment of dictatorship in the United States to be presumed terrorists. 

As authorized in the Patriot Act of 2001, DHS and all branches of federal government are now empowered to legally misuse all assets of the war on terror to intercept communications, wire transfers, bank accounts, assets, and do warrantless deep searches on Conservatives and honest scientists disagreeing with government narratives in the name of preventing terrorism.  Black Lives Matter and Antifa, who terrorized the nation for the past two years, are not mentioned in the Bulletin. They have a free pass to continue terrorizing and destroying government and private property -- now exceeding $2-billion dollars in damage,  Federal government now has the legal power to impose transgender brainwashing, election-stealing, government-sponsored drug abuse, abortion schemes, and persecution of Christians.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently ordered social media companies to collect information on "terrorist"groups they are tracking.  On March 17, 2022, he announced a new 33-member Security Advisory Council to determine who to go after.  He has previously stated that everyone in DHS has been vetted to prevent those with terrorist inclinations to serve in DHS -- rendering DHS under total control of devout Communist activists. A powerful command and control operation has been established collecting information from social media, schools, and progressives operatives around the country, funded by the American taxpayer.

GOP leader Kevin McCarthy found this to be an unacceptable attack on the First Amendment.   He misses the point.  The Patriot Act does not care what terrorists whose Constitutional rights are trumped by the Patriot Act, think or say.  This is why the Young Americans for Freedom were frog-marched off the St. Louis University Campus, with campus admins taking names of students involved for later punishment. 

All conservatives are now presumed terrorists subject to expulsion from work,  public life, and schools.   Social media "disinformation" by DHS is now possible.  Children secretly indoctrinated into the LBGTQ power game can be taken from parents denying them "affirmative emotional and physical care" dictated by the Truth Ministry.  Second Amendment rights can be abridged under the Patriot Act to seize guns of conservative Patriots, assets seizured, and organizations shut down.  The Patriot Act is the authority schools being misused forcing kids to answer school questionnaires turning in parents not complying with sexual preference, critical race theory, vaccination, abortion, and other Communist mandates.

Communists patiently spent the last 110 years working their way into control of the nation and many corporations.  The military takeover has defenestrated the United States Constitution, Amendments, and the Bill of Rights.  The government is now investigating people in search of manufactured crimes.  It has stopped prosecuting serious crimes committed by their Comrades such as committed by Black Lives Matter, violent feminist attacks on pro-life organizations, elections stolen by dark money, Hillary Clinton's attempt to use a Russian FBI operation to paint Donald Trump a traitor, and the selling of the nation to get rich in Russia.  They are now going after every conservative in the United States.

Militarized Communism is the most dangerous threat to the Republic in the history of the United States.  Biden has established a military dictatorship -- classically defined by the fact that dictators throughout history brutally eliminate anyone disagreeing with them to seize control.  Once in power, more aggressive elimination is necessary to stay in power forever.  Since becoming a "Manchurian candidate" fronting for the Communist Party USA, we witnessed Biden expel all non-progressives from the military and federal branches to assure seamless control of government.  He is now beginning to attack the entire populace with a cultural revolution not unlike Chairman Mao. It appears he may now be able to call up State National Guard to police or persecute the state.  He will attempt to pack the Supreme Court before long if threatening them fails to render them subservient.

All State Attorney's General must immediately seek an emergency Injunction and Stay Order nullifying this entirely fraudulent, unconstitutional hijacking of the entire Federal Government.  Why has not one Republican Attorney General filed for an Emergency Stay Order nullifying the fraudulent Terrorist Advisory now running the nation?  Where President Biden has indicated full intent to misuse his powers, and has done so previously during the January 6th false-flag operation, the court should also prohibit calling up the National Guard without written permission of each Governor.  Suing over censorship cannot win -- Terrorists have no free speech, gun, religious, parental, property, or other rights.  All Patriots must take immediate action en-masse to force their attorney general to stop the Communist takeover of the United States. Virginia, Florida, Texas and Missouri are in position to lead the challenge.  Patriots in those states should organize to educate and motivate their Attorney General to immediately file suit.  We need only one attorney general to file to stop the Communist takeover of the United States.

How progressive dark money bought much of the Republican Party

Both parties are inundated with dark money buying legislation and obeisance to the Progressive Agenda.  The Marxist playbook instructs advocates to be Trojan horses working their way into non-progressive parties, businesses, and organizations. Their organized funding source gives them massive advantage over unfunded conservatives.  A brief discussion is required in this article to provide insight as to why so many Republicans at federal and state levels act like Democrats.

Missouri is a perfect example of a state unable to pass good legislation because much of Republican leadership has been bought by Rex Sinquefield, George Soros, the Koch Brothers, and an long list of big donors who know that winning offices requires big money.  About 40% of Missouri Republicans are actually Democrats, whose role is to run the party into the swamp. For example, dark money purchased passage of Missouri legislation allowing Bill Gates to purchase vast swaths of Missouri farmland in violation of Federal law.  It bought Republican passage of a gas tax hike two years ago to the shock of the public, and Republican obeisance to turning the state into a Constitutional monopoly marijuana drug cartel.   A separate article detailing this scandal will come later.

Conservative states such as Texas, South Dakota, Florida, and Virginia having major population centers are under attack by dark money spending to neuter them by 2024.

Progressive demolition of conservative media, think tanks, and churches

Conservative media was starved and censored by social media giants working for the Conglomerate.  The business model changed industry-wide.  Almost all websites stopped accepting article submissions from seasoned expert writers to save time and money.  Many have a small coterie of young unseasoned writers.  Most resorted to echoing syndicated writers. 

The sea of blathering pablum is holding the nation hostage in a state of uneducated disinformation. If we do not know who is really running the United States, and how to stop them, we are guaranteed to lose.

Here is how this works.  One of Rush Limbaugh’s last broadcasts stated “They didn’t want to hear about any culture war . . . They didn’t understand that Democrats were liberals, were socialists, were communists, budding communists."

In another broadcast, Rush gave a lesson in communism 101: “Leftists are activists. This is a strategy. Liberalism, communism, socialism, you don't need to go too deep - a peripheral study of Marxism. And you'll learn that Marxism, leftism, liberalism, they have long-term strategies for taking over and controlling whole populations. It is their objective …. Liberalism, communism, socialism are about denying individual liberty and creating a collective with a top down command-and-control government and economy. Conservatives are individuals and not activists at all, and so there is no such strategy to bend, shape, and form a country.”

Both progressive and conservative news aggregation sites have two things in common.
  • The same stories are linked but with only minor differences in opinionated buzz language. 
  • Like ambulance chasers, they cover the latest insane thing somebody did or said without identifying the source of the problem or suggesting how to prevent the same thing happening again and again.
Conservative sources uniformly lack one crucial element progressive websites drive home every time:  Nearly all news aggregators, most Conservative Organizations such as Heritage, Family Research Council, and church-related publications fail to provide anything more than depressing news or tangential pontifications leaving readers with no actions they can take to change things for the better.
Here are a few example illustrating the failure of Conservatives to organize to win:
  • Very little deep analysis or cogent policy is published, most notably the work of "conservative community organizers"  planning and effecting productive action to restore the nation.
  • Anything that might interfere with significant communist power Trojan “log cabin Republicans” hold in the Republican Party is verboten.  Log Cabin Republicans, are in fact, progressives who established themselves as “untouchables” in the party.
  • Most churches failed to deal with the progressive invasion.  One-by-one, kids brainwashed into the progressive cult in schools gravitated to progressive churches, leaving conservative churches dying institutions.  Intense focus is now on finishing off the few remaining conservative churches such as Methodists and the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Conservative churches must reach out to young Americans.  Firstly, young Americans hate modern music and are buying music from the 1960’s and 70’s in droves.  “Jesus Is Just Alright With Me” and Spirit in the Sky” are two examples of music conservative churches must use to kick off a “conservative revival / Americana” movement.  Old blues/bluegrass/Gospel is another magnet. Have kids play for Sunday services and throw outdoor tent revivals.  In sermons thoughtful education of kids on the facts of life.  The progressive agenda leads to fatal disease, drugs, prison, death, and failure in life.  Do they want to live to old age or end up victims of Communist agenda?
Winning the war on the Republic requires educating everyone to the right of the hard left on the following truths.  It is not possible to fight a ghost enemy:
  • Buzz words such as “RINO”, “Woke”, “Globalist”, “Left”, “progressive”, "social justice", and "Libertarian" mean absolutely nothing because they do not identify the true identity of the instigators or their end-game.  Using them only benefits the Left. All conservatives must educate the public about who the instigators are: Marxist Communists pushing the Davos “great reset” One World Order Only a very few radio hosts understand this fact and are educating the public.  The Biden administration is hustling to establish military “great reset” dictatorship in the United States.  We cannot allow them to demolish the United States for the next three years.
  • We must stop blaming China for the viral disaster developed and funded by the Conglomerate, the NIH, the NAID, and Bill Gates in violation of federal law (who magically had a patent filed for the Moderna vaccine two months before the first case was reported in China. Covid-19 was in fact a lab-made virus. In fact, a sample of the vaccine was sent to the University of North Carolina (a co-licensee) on December 12th 2019, nearly a month before the World Health Organization reported that the virus was a novel coronavirus.  American Communists must be held responsible for what they did.
  • Nearly all media and attorneys general have ignored the paramount significance of the Department of Homeland Security’s fraudulent Terrorist Advisory Bulletin issued on February 7, 2022.  By executive fiat, Biden has given himself the authority to use all arms of government to destroy conservatives.  This is the basis for seizing documents and banking information from all possible sources, declaring “ghost guns” illegal, and suing gun manufacturers out of business to collect reparations.  It is astonishing that not one state attorney general has filed a federal lawsuit to nullify this clearly fraudulent hijacking of the Patriot Act and all arms of government to be misused against conservatives instead of real terrorists and Black Lives Matter terrorism. This must be the lead issue for all Conservatives until the Terrorist Advisory Bulletin is nullified in Federal Court.
  • All conservative media has failed to understand the seminal significance of executive orders issued by Governor’s Abbott and DeSantis.  They are brilliantly stopping the conglomerate and protecting their states right now from galloping Communism.  Some consider their actions to be dictatorial – as if stopping a dictator somehow makes a Governor a dictator.   Every state that participated in the December 7, 2021 Supreme Court cases should be protecting their states now from the Putinesque dictatorship the Biden administration is rapidly building by hook and crook.
  • Conservative talking heads on all media have insanely chained the conservative movement to the starting gate until January, 2025.  They have a long list of “ifs” that must be accomplished before conservatives can do anything.  They assert we must first win the 2022 mid-terms and retake the House and Senate.  Then, we must elect a Republican president (often not supporting Donald Trump).  Who are these guys working for?
If our talking heads are not working for Communists, they should be calling for all states to issue all-encompassing Executive Orders, buttressed by truthful scientific citations of authorities.  Attorney’s General must actively litigate peer-reviewed science in all lawsuits to assure wins going forward.

The greatest depopulation scandal in World (and American) history

There is no official depopulation agenda encouraging elimination of the elderly called out by U.N. Agencies or the Green Party. They know it would bring the house down on their abortion and other agenda.   This aspect of "Great Reset" is instead being implemented by stealth behind-the-scenes.  Consequences of Green Party agenda shutting down energy production, moving to unaffordable electric vehicles, Obama's Cash for Clunkers program, economic transformation benefitting the laptop class while jettisoning low-skill workers, and inflation are decidedly edging the elderly off the planet in Malthusian fashion.

Near-zero federal reserve rates funded elite investors to buy 18.4% of homes sold in 2021 as investments caused home prices to be unreachable for many home buyers. Young low-income Americans are trapped renting apartments and riding busses.  Elderly are being crushed by real estate taxes, utility, food, and inflation.  Elderly who cannot survive on fixed incomes are cornered into giving up.

Statista and Worldometer, both fairly reliable data sources, estimate total world Covid deaths since 2020 to be 6,102,895.   This figure is significantly understated because it does not include deaths in China and Russia, neither of which provide credible data.  This number is further understated because it does not include consequental excess deaths.  

To be on the conservative side, my analysis applies the Total world Covid deaths figure of 6,102,895. Amortizing this value over the 27 months of the pandemic,, there were 226,031 world deaths per month between January 2020 through March, 2022.

Comparing this to the great die-off of Mao's cultural revolution, we see the following. Conventional estimates vary wildly, with some assertions higher than 20 million over Mao's 36 years in power.  Tufts University has the most credible researched estimate I can find, conservatively placing the death total at 1.5 milliion

Excess Deaths must be included.  These are deaths consequential to the mishandling of the Covid crisis.  These deaths are estimated to be two to four times higher than Covid deaths according to most researchers.   The best data I can find is from The Economist, which conservatively estimates Excess Deaths to be 20 milllion

Doing the math converting the above to per-month values we can compare rationally:
  • China had 3472  deaths per month during Chairman Mao's 36-year tenure (1.5 million/432).
  • World Covid Deaths were 226,031 per month over the 27 months of the Covid Pandemic
  • World Covid-related Excess Deaths were 740,741 per month over the 27 months of the pandemic.
  • Total of World Covid Deaths and Word Covid-related Excess Deaths: 966,772
The total 966,772 monthly deaths from the Covid pandemic is 278.4 times higher than monthly deaths from Mao's Cultural Revolution.  Marxist policy is perhaps the biggest single killer in world history.

The Conglomerate was able to avoid being held responsible for their actions by blaming a virus without firing one bullet.  This is the model of Stealth Marxism, which succeeded taking over all Western nations without war because nobody has yet begun to hold them responsible.

The most dangerous year in American history

President Biden's first year is just the first phase of a revolution that will throw the United States into the greatest Constitutional crisis in American history.  We must recognize the fact that the Covid "crisis" was engineered in advance to turn control of the United States over to the Euro-Marxist collective that has infiltrated and taken pre-emptive control at all levels of goverment, academia, the legal profession, and media.

The takeover of the U.S. had been a silent pogrom conducted by corrupt lawyers, academics, politicians ("RINOS" in the Republican party), globalists, and corporations controlled by Marxist board members (hijacking stockholder monies to implement Marxist agenda).  That is why a substantial portion of the euro-globalist "Great Reset" was so easily implemented in less than two short years.

In just one year, President Biden essentially transformed the United States into a Communist oligarchy.  Regardless of political persuasion or class, nearly everyone has taken big hits from the "Great Reset".  This why nearly all polls taken since November consistently show Republicans sweeping the Congressional mid-terms, dominated by the powerful swing vote.

President Biden still has another three years to destroy the Republic, regardless of Congressional action by an RNC still dominated by globalist dark money.    The Republic cannot withstand another three years of demolition by President Biden's gang of Marxist revolutionaries.  It is now necessary for states to immediately take the lead protecting the Republic.

The endless carousel of renditions and distractions keeping the nation in a state of powerless confusion

This article would not be meaningful absent a brief analysis of Marxist methodology applied for nearly 100 years advancing Marxist (Now the CPUSA/DNC) agenda.  The Conglomerate's Covid rendition is but one of many "emergencies" and "distractions" Marxists controlling federal and state government use to keep the nation in total chaos. 

The Covid rendition is of paramount importance to the CPUSA/DNC along with the fraudulent DHS terror advisory, because they are the two wild-card bludgeons enabling the CPUSA to effect a federal dictatorship. The intent is to keep everyone focused on symptoms  (resulting in nothing more than escalating divisive debate), instead of addressing causes.  "Emergencies" are core Marxist Social Justice agenda powering and justifying brute control founded on neurotic safetyism.  "Distractions" are seemingly unrelated events used to keep the nation is a state of chaos unable to understand the breadth and depth of the Marxist revolution destroying our Republic.  

Marxists work each emergency or distraction for a while, then launch another emergency or distraction while retooling primary core renditions for later use.  There are usually at least three events in play at a time,  When an emergency is launched, strident measures are ordered, after which the stranglehold is softened to make the administration appear reasonable.  Via this pattern, progressive teamwork aggressively scores goals while opposition loses ground.  It is how the Administration  all but destroyed the Republic of the United States in merely one year.

While attention is diverted focusing on the war in Ukraine, weather emergencies, and opinion/legal battles on dozens of social justice issues, many more new power-plays are gestating behind the Velvet Rope.  For example, communists intend to unionize congressional staffers to pay "living wages", corporatizing and mobilizing the legislature while giving unions the ability to shut down Republicans if progressive political agenda is not executed.  Staffing corruption would become the guaranteed pathway to lucrative careers in corrupt power politics. 

Driven by cult communist ideals, the corporate sector has merged and mobilized with government in Fascist manner, leaving, citizens and states with few rights.  Time is of the essence to stop them now.

How do we reverse the Stealth-Marxist takeover of the United States?

First, we must execute a hard stop of everything the Marxist machine is doing with temporary Emergency Executive Orders by State Governors, which must include scientific citations of authorities with Constititutional handoff to the legislature to implement long-term, tightly written laws.  Governor Abbott wisely implemented this handoff in his Emergency Orders.   Governor Abbott set todays standard making sensible emergency orders on street smarts and guts alone. With the inclusion of science and law, it will be impossible to ridicule hm and discourage progressive challenges in federal courts.  Governor DeSantis's orders are good, but need more focus to hit the target.

For those who fear that Governors might be dictating policy or exceeding constitutional authority in this exceptional emergency, please realize that stopping a dictator in his tracks does not make a governor a dictator.  Orders based on sound science will withstand political, media, and court scrutiny (except perhaps in the infamous Ninth Federal Circuit). 

Defending States Rights is as fundamental today as was the insurrection by American Patriots of the 13 colonies to end usurious and corrupt British rule, won by the Revolutionary War to secure Independence.  On the same principles, it is the Governor's Constitutional Authority and duty to do everything possible to immediately reject userious and corrupt Federal Communist Rule to protect state's Constitutional rights on which our Republic was founded --- declaring Independence without firing a single shot.

It will only take one governor issuing an encompassing Emergency Order to kick off restoration the Republic --- one sanctuary state at a time --- so states can operate Constitutionally free of imperial federal Marxism.  This is a battle to return the Republic to its original design.  Time is not to be wasted.  States Rights have been demolished by the Biden administration in just one short year. I expect that between 12 and 27 other states will quickly join the battle to preserve the Republic. 

As part of this effort, I suggest that State Attorney's General band together to secure an emergency federal injunction invalidating the Emergency Use Authorizations the FDA is misusing to allow Big Pharma to continue selling ineffective products without any liability.  The emergency is clearly over.  Drug companies must be held responsible for their products just like all other manufacturers.

If not done by Executive Order, Civil War is the predictable outcome.  We will not have the upper hand until governors win with Emergency Executive Orders.  If Governors fail to act quickly, they may end up presiding over a Second Civil War between patriot states defending themselves against a Machiavellian federal government having tremendous military and economic advantages.


Marxists have been gradually taking control of our institutions in Fabianesque fashion beginning with education in 1910.  Congress was worried about Communism after World War I, but acted aggressively after World War II by enacting the Communist Control Act of 1954 (CCA), with full support of President Eisenhower.   The CCA was not useful in those days because government was not riddled with hard core communists, causing J. Edgar Hoover's hearings to fail.  Today, the DNC is unquestionably controlled by the Communist Party USA and acts as its incoherent front-end.  It is illegal for any communist organization to exist in the United States.   Communist Party members cannot hold office.

For example, The Senate never should have held hearings to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson's appointment to the Supreme Court.  Her appointment must be rejected, most likely confirmed by an emergency injunction requesting the Supreme Court invalidate her nomination pursuant to the CCA.  There is no question that she is a Communist who may not legally hold any public office in the United States.

The president elected in 2024, presumably President Trump and a Republican Congress, must force reorganization of the DNC, shut down all major communist organizations, and require state elections to replace Communists now holding federal office. All organizations ascribing to social justice must rebuild themselves to serve non-communist purposes or have charters and tax IDs, revoked, including law schools, Bar associations, and educational institutions.

David R. Usher is CEO of Civitas Economic Engineering, the only supply-side socioeconomics conservative public policy and political consulting firm, and a close friend of Phyllis Schalfly.  He a journalist published on many conservative websites and cited in books and magazines over the past thirty years.
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