Mass Shootings Are Caused By Kids Loaded on Drugs, Not Loaded Guns -- and How to Stop Most Mass Violence

Mass shootings are now endemic in the United States.  There have been at least 19 mass shootings since the Uvalde massacre on May 24. The combination of child brainwashing and substance abuse by parents and children has created a nation of psychopathic kids from all economic strata.  Reactive policing has never shown any impact stemming long-term violence, now aggravated by Woke urban programs condoning and stimulating drug-related violence.

Now is the time to address the problem where it begins:  chemical dependency in the family, coupled with mandatory prison recovery and job skill training programs.

Nearly all school mass shootings, Black Lives Matter shootings involving police, and street gang battles involve five primary factors. 
  1. There is no telling what “Loaded” people using pot, fentanyl, opium, heroin, or hallucinogenic drugs will do even on a good day. The cheese is not on the cracker.   Kids on drugs are unlikely to integrate into the workforce, and likely to end up perennial wards of the welfare state, prison, or dead at an early age.
  2. Mass-murders and police shooters are created by systemic psychological abuse by schools corrupting brains with critical race theory, trans and other dystopian sexual jitter, and in-school grooming almost always accompanied by drugs.
  3. When the mind becomes a whirling blender loaded with a toxic brew of insecurity, identity collapse, paranoia, guilt, failure, drugs, and a lack of control combined with a desperate need to feel powerful, a potential closet mass murderer is ready for action.   
  4. Armed aggressions against police are planned suicides intended by the shooter to become a national hero.  Every shooting is accompanied by graffiti and sculptures of the shooter erected.  Mass shooters feel powerful getting even with the world rather than killing themselves, as most kids do.
  5. Broken families with substance-abusing parents correlate highly.  Kids lacking active parental guidance are high risk – a fact emphasized by Senator Ted Cruz
Substance abuse deaths in school-age children skyrocketed 175% during the pandemic, indicating a significant increase in serious chronic-phase chemical dependency. Risk of psychotic shootings will only increase until parents have the legal tools to heal substance abuse in the family.

Sandy Hook, Michael Brown, George Floyd, and every other shooting I analyzed involved significant substance abuse. 

The Social Justice drug legalization cabal left the nation with catch-and-release, zero-bail stimulation of violent crime, and daily gun battles and mass shootings.   Police have been stripped of power and funding in urban areas now machine-gun fortified “no-go” zones for much of the populace.

Universities brainwashing students with Social Justice expel students who resist out of college, with no refunds, denying them a college education and leaving them paying huge college loan debts funding woke agenda. Conservative speakers are attacked and threatened.   Burnings of pro-life centers by federally-funded college activists (famous for drug use) also apply.

Black Lives Matter takeovers of urban areas and burning of buildings share the same drivers. Predatory politicians empowered drug lords and radical militants, who decide who lives and dies, to inculcate organized drug-fueled racial hate.  Blacks destroyed their own communities, leaving them with vacated stores and no place to live or shop.

Most angry kids commit suicide or die in gang turf wars.  These deaths are largely invisible, not even a footnote in history. 

No one has yet pointed out the fact that school mass murders and a fair number of public mass murders are planned suicides.  Some psychotic individuals angry at parents, teachers, other students, or the world know they will get publicized revenge and 15 minutes of fame going down in a hail of bullets.  These events are often planned months or years in advance and executed with precision guided by decades of global terrorists beginning with Osama Bin Laden.

Drug-driven terrorism is nothing new.  It has been happening for decades. The 1991 movie Boys in the Hood is a 30-year-old documentary. The Watts riots of 1965 and siege of the Sheriff’s station take us back another 25 years. Los Angeles’ Sheriff Parker was famously speechless and unable to explain what was causing the riots.  

Pruitt-Igoe, the largest HUD public housing project ever built, quickly became a fenced operational fortress controlled by violent drug gangs and a no-go zone police dared not to enter in the 1960’s. It was torn down in the 1970’s and replaced with smaller HUD housing projects bearing the same results.

Based on studies in my collection (summarized below), coupled with 34 years of personal experience in substance-abuse-related support work, I estimate that at least 80% of all serious violence (including suicide) involves substance abuse.   Accidental death and disability metrics not itemized below add to the human and economic consequences we face.

The following graphic by Civitas Economic Engineering itemizes a substantial list of under-reported factors.


Credible private sources backfill federal underreporting gaps: Here is a real-life example of what legalization of medical marijuana did to the State of Missouri. The fiscal note we filed with the Missouri Auditor (see pages 66 -112) opposing Missouri Initiative Petition 20-125, which legalized medical marijuana, reported a conservative estimated fiscal impact of approximately $2.8 billion annually. This is dead weight representing about 8% of the Missouri budget, with nothing but increasing violence and troubled children to show for it. Many states are becoming fiscally and criminally unmanageable.  Republicans have no choice but to address chemical dependency where it begins: in the family. 

Autism in mass school shootings

There is an apparently high correlation of autism among mass shooters. Prenatal and natal environmental factors of the mother can increase the risk of bearing an autistic child up to 400% (which may compound).  A long list of factors are documented by the NIH.  

Maternal factors include maternal obesity, diabetes, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, threatened abortion, prenatal medication use, and use of psychotropic drugs, anti-depressant drugs (opiods) and smoking.  Low economic and social status, educational attainment of the mother, and when the mother was was foreign-born are other factors.  Divorced and never-married families can cause great anxiety over custody, childrearing, and severe economic stress for pregnant women – all commonly driven by chemical dependency.

How we can reduce school mass shootings and all forms of serious violence

Dan Bongino called out brilliant methods to harden suburban schools while involving students proactively and positively. He knows that the war on family and church is a factor. But, Dan does not yet know that substance abuse is the rocket fuel driving all forms of violence and mass shootings. 

Leading governors, attorneys general, and legislatures are the key to bringing about substance abuse healing in the family.  Public officials will have nothing productive to do until they take this issue up.   State’s rights, governability, and balanced budgets depend decisively on it.

We must show them the ropes and policies to heal the problem where it starts – in the family.  Chemical dependency is preventable and treatable.  Recovery is most successful when the substance abuser has a lot to lose.  Waiting until families disintegrate feeds the Social Justice machine, guaranteeing more billions of failed government programs revolving around crime, violence, and homelessness. “Mental Health” has become systemic code language hiding drug abuse so policy makers cannot effect sound policy.

How we can significantly heal substance abuse where it starts – in the family

Twelve years ago, I created simple legislation leveraging existing state resources and laws to give parents the ability to put pressure on substance-abusing family members to successfully recover from substance abuse.

The statute is a modified form of a standard family court restraining order.  When substance abuse becomes a big problem in the family, the responsible spouse can file for a restraining order removing the substance abuser from the home until the abuser completes recovery. It is the first time family courts will and strengthen families when a responsible adult requests assistance.  It is too late when family violence becomes so severe that a spouse gets a restraining order and files for divorce.

The bill was developed over a four-year period and has been preened by legal scholars, judges, police, experienced substance abuse counselors, and drug courts.  
We have broad support from family courts, police, drug courts, and even social services – all of whom well know that substance abuse is the primary driver of disasters courts and agencies cannot mend after the family breaks up.   If you think I am kidding, ask any policeman what drives the family fights and shootings they deal with every day.

To our shock, over the past 12 years our substance abouse bill was killed twice by Missouri House and Senate Republican leadership.  Two greenbacked bills were killed just before introduction.  This occurred because Republican leadership has been bought off by huge donations from big marijuana, beer, tobacco, George Soros, Rex Sinquefield, and the Koch Brothers – all of whom can hardly wait to get rich poisoning people with cannabis products in every gas station and grocery store. Republicans must realize that campaign donations do not turn legislators into slaves – except in corrupt cities or countries.  We expect legislators to do the right thing when it needs to be done.  The People will hold their feet to the fire when they don't.

Republicans, churches, and voters must oppose out-of-control substance abuse with the same conviction they reject abortion.  Like abortion, substance abuse makes a child pay for mistakes of adults. The contemporary zeitgeist favors both abortion and drug legalization.  No Godly person would dare be bribed or polled into harming either unborn or born children.

I encourage policy leaders in all states to download the greenback of our bill in word format and modify it to fit your state statutes. An additional bill handling temporary placement of drug-abusing children in residential children's homes for chemical dependency counseling and success re-orientation is also necessary.

How to stop the Marxist takeover of the United States

Enacting the Family Substance Abuse Assistance Order will have limited effect so long as schools, universities, teachers unions, and other actors control our educational system.  Legal action must be taken immediately to free the schools from the dictates of Marxist Stalinism.

Obliteration of the nuclear family and capitalism advocated by Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels has been the goal of the radical Left since 1963. The groundwork was laid in 1910, with John Dewey implementing Marxist critical theory in public schools, establishing the unchecked army of Communists destroying our schools today. 

112 years later, conservatives have never been able to slow them down much less shut them down.  Those days are coming to an end.

Electing Republicans in 2022 and 2024 will improve nothing unless candidates know what to do when they win.  All conservatives must focus on correcting substance abuse in the family.  Family breakdown, all forms of serious violence, and failure of kids to become successful productive members of marriage and economy can and will be reversed for the first time in Conservative history. 

State Attorneys General and Governors now have the legal tools to stop nearly everything our “Manchurian candidate” federal government is doing.   The DNC is the tweed front end for the Communist Party USA aggressively executing Stalinist Davos “Great Reset” agenda

State Attorneys General have constitutional duty, statutory standing, and by oath of office are compelled to file suits necessary to protect state’s rights and protect citizens from  egregious economic and civil rights harm by the federal government. Article III, Section 2, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution virtually guarantees wins in cases filed bearing tremendous harm to states and citizens. 

Governors have similar compelling Constitutional duty to make executive orders containing scientific citations temporarily protecting states, while providing guidance to the legislature.  Governors Abbot and DeSantis bit the bullet and won nearly every court challenge.  But many serious attacks on State’s Rights and citizens have been missed.  A prototype of an all-encompassing Order is in development and available to Governors on request.

President Biden has indicated full intent to misuse his powers to violently overthrow the Republic with military and police force.  He previously did so during the January 6th false-flag operation. Texas, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, and perhaps Missouri are in position to lead the challenge.  

All Patriot citizens must take immediate action to encourage state leaders to act. Today’s civil war can and must be won in courts of law.  We must organize to educate and motivate public officials to satisfy their Oaths of Office.   Races in 2022, 2024, and thereafter must be won or lost on the lawsuits and principles below:
Lawsuits may be filed at both state and federal levels. Communists working in federal and state administrative branches can legally be removed, beginning with Admiral Rachel S. Levine and staff. The DOJ and FBI require removal of leadership and operatives on-staff.  The military must remove of Communist leadership and mid-tier Brass.  I will publish a detailed article about this in the very near future.
  • State Attorneys General must quickly file for a federal injunction and emergency stay order to nullify the fraudulent Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) used by the FDA and CDC to execute the Davos “Great Reset” agenda in the name of a “public health emergency”.   The EUA was a back-door deal guaranteeing vaccine manufacturers hundreds of billions in profit using experimental vaccines designed to interact with the original 2019 virus, which was already replaced by variants when vaccines became available a year later.
“Strategies based on Epidemiologic Sciences: Why U.S. Covid Death Rates are Significantly Higher than in Korea and Sweden” published by Dr. Knut Wittkowski and myself proves that our government replaced time-proven epidemiological science with corporate profiteering. No evidence exists that vaccines had any positive impact on world death rates. My research paper “Epidemiological Vaccine Facts” provides deep insight in what is truly the biggest medical scandal in American history.  We have all the scientific proof necessary to have the EUA declared unconstitutional.  I will work with State’s Attorneys willing to set America free from Covid Stalinism.

Today marks the beginning of the biggest conservative revolution since Abraham Lincoln set out to end slavery.  Our revolution is not violent, nor is civil war likely if we take America back from Communists via the courts.

There are many in our ranks fearing that we cannot win after decades of loss.   History suggests we must never surrender to Communism.  We will never get back what we lost if we do.  There is no place to migrate to on earth if we give up.

Winston Churchill took a nation frozen in fear, unable to imagine victory, and convinced the people Britain would win by fighting to the end.  He won the backing of isolationist President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  At a time when European countries were demoralized or conquered, Churchill showed them how to win and brought in the biggest fighting force ever assembled.  In the end, Churchill defeated the most violent tyrant in world history. 

We can and will defeat Communism in the United States.  Would we surrender to a United Nations having no military force whatsoever?   Would we surrender to a bunch of corrupt lawyers and politicians in Washington? 

Or would we organize the hundreds of thousands of Patriots across the nation to drive Communism out of the Republic?

The Left fraudulently gaslighted the United States Supreme Court into issuing the Roe v. Wade decision.  It is likely the Supreme Court will invalidate Roe peacefully soon.

Our revolution will begin winning the day President Donald J. Trump, leading conservative politicians, and ranking conservative media join forces to legally emancipate our Republic from the totalitarian claws of Communism.  Then, and only then, will we finally enjoy government of the people, by the people, and for the people -- who will be able lives free from fear of harm or reprisal without even one shot fired.  
David R. Usher (Twitter @David_R_Usher, Truth Social @davidrusher)
is CEO of Civitas Economic Engineering LLC, a supply-side strategic planning and policy consulting company
with over 30 years’ experience impacting public policy.
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